Figel: SaS Proposed EFSF Committee is Nonsense

Yesterday chairman of the Christian democratic KDH coalition party, Jan Figel, made his opposition to the proposal of the SaS to set up a special EFSF committee that would involve all political parties, calling the idea nonsense.

Transport minister and head of KDH, Jan Figel (c) The Daily

The committee would vote on each individual loan to eurozone member countries, and so Figel pointed out the obvious that granting all parliamentary parties the right of veto in such a committee would basically just create a bottleneck for whicever government is in power.

Before joining the Coalition Council meeting yesterday, Figel said that it was nonsense if a majority government would have to achieve a consensus from all parliamentary parties, and that such a system could be found nowhere in Europe. In Germany, though, parliament itself has to give the thumbs up to each individual loan from the EFSF.

The coalition parties are happy that the SaS has found a way to support the new EFSF rules by way of the committee, but both the KDH and the Most-Hid parties are not so keen on the actual composition of the commission. It could be a tactical move by the SaS to up the chances of loans not being approved in future, as they can easily be blocked if just one of the parties in the committee to say no.

The largest opposition party Smer-SD has already announced that it would not take part in any such committee.

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