Finance Minister Revokes Fine for Stefan Harabin

As the new government of Robert Fico settles into its comfortable parliamentary majority, the replacement of heads of all key organisations and posts is already in full flow, and the spring cleaning has started.

One of the first things newly elected finance minister Peter Kazimir put his signature to was a revocation of the fine imposed on ever controversial Supreme Court chairman Stefan Harabin for not allowing the Ministry of Finance to conduct an audit at the court. Harabin has been known to take sides with Robert Fico and his Smer-SD party, and they seem to work in a kind of perfect harmony, so the minister’s move doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

Harabin's stronghold, the Supreme Court SR (c) The Daily

The EUR 33,000 fine in question was imposed on Harabin because under the former government he consistently refused (6 times) to allow auditors from the ministry to audit the Supreme Court.

Minister Kazimir revoked the fine at the recommendation of a special committee set up to examine the case. Even so, Kazimir said that the Ministry of Finance should conduct such audits and so is planning to draft a legislative change to prevent confusion in future.

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  1. Well thats going to cost the SK a few more positions in the league tables.

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