First Post-Revolution PM Milan Cic Dies (80)

One of the key figures of post-revolution Czechoslovakia, Milan Cic, died shortly after 10 am today at Kramare hospital in Bratislava aged 80, after being admitted for brain surgery in October.

Milan Cic (2.1.1932 - 9.11.2012)

Among the many posts held by Cic, he was the first Slovak prime minister after the Velvet Revolution, from December 1989 until June 1990. He played a key role in forming the Slovak Constitution and acted alongside Vladimir Meciar for a few years. He was chair of the Constitutional Court from 1993 to 2000, and lectured for many years at universities throughout Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Cic was responsible for the Presidential Office of the Slovak Republic since Ivan Gasparovic became president in 2004.



  1. Thanks Marek. Everyone should watch this! The only comment I would make is that the situation is much worse than portrayed in the documentary, sadly.

  2. Ok so the old guy choked …but where is the actual Obituary ??

    You know, bit of potted history on the bloke …was he a good man, fighting injustice, leading Slowvaks to the promised land …. or another money grabbing, power thirsty crook ?


    this new documentary on the state of the courts in sk.

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