Five MPs lose accommodation entitlement

Five MPs will have to give up their service accommodation, which is paid by the Office of Parliament SR, reports an article by MP Igor Matovic in SME daily.

This is thanks to a revision that entered into force in January regarding remunerations for constitutional officials, which slims down the range of officials with accommodation entitlement and also sees MPs lose a percentage of their salaries.

The revision means that MPs living in the Bratislava region are no longer entitled to the accommodation allowance, whereas till now it was based on where they had their permanent residence.

The five affected MPs are all from the opposition and live in the Bratislava region, namely Darina Gabaniova, Lubomir Petrak, Branislav Ondrus, Mojmír Mamojka (all from Smer-SD) and Rudolf Pucik from the nationalist party SNS.

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