Flat construction in Bratislava region still flourishing

The explosion of construction work in Bratislava in recent years seems to have been insufficient, even though there are still hundreds of properties lying empty. With the economy starting to recover from its slumber, property developers and investors are starting to move forward with projects again.

For example, the company Cresco Popper Investment has started making progress with its Slnecnice housing scheme in the C1 zone of the Juzne Mesto project on the outskirts of Petrlzalka in Bratislava. It is laying the utility networks and preparing 5 hectares of land for some 70 terraced houses and almost 200 flats.

In another urban satellite of Bratislava, Vinohrady, the company Z&T wants to build 198 flats in four blocks in an area that it has named Vtacnik. It hopes to get construction work off the ground next summer and plans to complete the project within two years.

The whole of the Vinohrady area is set to become a construction worker’s dream, with other projects including the Vinohradis project of the company Globe Trade Centre, which might be extended to include hundreds more flats. The company BB Finance has also moved into the area with its plans to construct around 100 flats.

Not far away from Vinohrady, in the quaint village of Svaty Jur, the rather oddly named Jursky Park residential area seems to be growing by the day. So far 274 flats have been built there by developer Bencont Development, which sees no point in holding back the momentum, and so now plans to build also a nursery school and other amenities by September next year.

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