Flood alerts complicate life in Nitra and Banska Bystrica

A third-degree flood alert was launched in the Banska Bystrica and Nitra regions, where there is growing concern about rising river levels.
Among the villages most threatened by torrential rain are Chanava in the district of Rimavska Sobota (where the backlash of water has reached the homes of local Roma) and Rapovce in the district of Lucenec.
The alarm was  raised by Jan Snopko from the water management authority, and also mentions the villages of Hronske Klacany, Dolna Strehová, Zelovce, Plastovce and Horne Semerovce (all in the Biskupice district).
According to the present situation, Snopko said there would be a risk also for Busince (Velky Krtis district), Fiľakovo and Male Kozmalovce in Levice district, where even the mayor has requested assistance from the army.
The warning raised by the continual rain has also been noted by the Slovak government, which has already postponed a planned session in order to allow the Prime Minister Robert Fico to visit the flooded areas.

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