Food Inspections Show No Improvement in Shops

A widespread series of inspections was carried out in May on all classes of food retailers throughout Slovakia, with the findings showing no improvement in the number of hygiene and other violations.

The results of May’s 4,350 random checks were announced yesterday by agriculture minister Lubomir Jahnatek, who informed that deficiencies were found in around 15.5% of cases, while this figure increased to over 60% in the case of the worst culprit, Metro cash&carry.

Metro reacted with surprise, pointing out from the 12 inspections made in May, only 3 inspections found shortcoming, with fines of just EUR 260 for minor discrepancies. Other retail chains found with breaches include Carrefour, Tesco Stores, Kaufland and Billa. Two stores had to be closed until shortcomings were eliminated.


  1. I had to laugh – Tezco recently won a national award for customer service. Their scheme to deliver out of date, damaged and contaminated foodstuff directly to your door impressed the judges.

  2. Would most Slowvaks living here bother or know the difference between cuts of meat, let alone rotting meat ? Boil all for hours in pot here stew and the bio hazard is flushed away, no ?

  3. Judging by the times v seen rotting, stinking Irish/ Brazilian or Argentinian? beef steaks (albeit discounted) in my local Tezco it is absolutely no surprise!!!! They would be in real trouble in the u.k for selling this potentially poisonous decaying meat.
    Of course many Slovaks know this, and tell me ‘what do you expect’ my reply is ‘discounted’ should mean it reaching its sell by date, not the date at which it becomes a bio-hazard!!!!!

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