Foreign affairs minister Dzurinda positive about relations with Hungary

Minister of foreign affairs Mikulas Dzurinda does not want to dally in the past when it comes to relations with our southern neighbour Hungary. He wants to look to the future and concentrate on issues that will help the people of both countries, instead of digging up history via the Benes Decrees or the Trianon Treaty, as these are now buried in the past.

He recently made an agreement with his Czech counterpart Karl Schwarzenberg to establish a fresh young set of historians who are not blinded or influenced by what has happened in the past. He told SITA news wire last week:  “When we have good relations with neighbours, there is a chance that the region will be stable and we can spread peace and stability further”.

Dzurinda admitted that relations have never been totally rosy between the two countries, but that certain issues like the reconstruction of the Maria Valeria Bridge between Sturovo in Slovakia and Esztergom in Hungary have helped improve matters. In the same context, he mentioned the recent start of construction work on the R4 dual carriageway between Kosice and Miskolc in Hungary, concerning which he requested transport minister Jan Figel to make it also a political priority and not just a key infrastructure project.

Dzurinda also admitted that personal relations with current Hungarian MPs led by Viktor Orban are not exactly perfect, but that he at least has known his counterpart Janos Martonyi for many years and their relationship is good.

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