Foreign Ministry Condemns Ukraine Violence

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic

We are disappointed and shocked by the recurrent wave of violence in Ukraine that has cost lives of several people. We call on all stakeholders to take a moderate approach; we expect the state authorities to respect the freedom of assembly.

photo: Maya Zakhovaiko

The forceful confrontation cannot be an instrument of a political struggle in modern Europe. We are convinced that the way out of the current crisis is a constructive dialogue of all relevant actors. Right at this moment, when the Ukraine´s future and national unity are at stake, the dialogue should aim at the consensus reflecting the will of the Ukrainians to seek their personal dignity in the democratic and prosperous country.

It is of serious concern to the Slovak Republic, neighbouring country of Ukraine, that Ukraine does not become isolated, and on the contrary develops in a positive and democratic way respecting the common European values.

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