Foreign Ministry launches business info centre

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a new service on 1 January 2011 with the establishment of the Information Centre of Economic Diplomacy (ICED), reports SITA newswire.

The idea behind the centre is to provide businesses with information about various services provided by diplomatic missions abroad, informed ministry spokesman Lubos Schwarzbacher.

The ministry expects the centre to boost foreign trade and investments, while promoting public tenders, exhibitions and other forms of presentations. The centre is essentially a link between businesses, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Slovak embassies, and so any business can turn to it for info, no matter how big or small.

Foreign affairs minister Mikulas Dzurinda explained how the ministry often received enquiries about whether particular products can be exported to certain countries, for example, or about the various investment incentives and stimuli that are available. Now these enquiries will be channelled through the special centre at the ministry.

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