Foreign Ministry: Slovaks Beware The Riots in UK!

As rioters and looters explode into action at several points across London and other points of the UK, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement calling for Slovaks to be extra vigilant if travelling to “war-torn” isles.

photo (c) Bryan Tong Minh

The Ministry recommended people not to visit the hot spots, but they are starting to spread so there might be no choice. Rioters have been raiding shops, setting buildings and cars on fire, and fighting back against the rather stunned police.

The Ministry further recommended that Slovaks intending to visit London, Birmingham, Brighton and Nottingham to keep in touch with what is happening in case the situation ignites further.

Anyone from Slovakia with questions should address them to the Slovak Embassy in London at 25 Kensington Palace Gardens, W8 4QY London, or by calling 0044 207 313 6470 or 0044 207 313 6471, or by e-mail at


  1. After his comments on the Polish family death story, we see George M in his tru colours…..

  2. Bit of a non story , OTT reaction by the Slovak Embassy in London ?

    More likely that Slovaks would be joining in the with the rioters, raiding shops, setting buildings and cars on fire , along with all the other thieving Eastern European immigrants.

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