Foreigners Make Up 3% of Bratislava Population

The fact that Bratislava is home to more foreigners than anywhere else in the country comes as no surprise, as the majority of foreign businesses are based there, but the growth since Slovakia joined the EU has been rapid.

Bratislava twilight over the River Danube

The total number of foreigners in Slovakia, based on Ministry of Interior data, rose almost threefold from 5,600 to 16,000 over the space of just four years from 2004-2008, as the door to the EU opened up for the country.

Being cited by SITA newswire, governor of Bratislava region Pavol Freso said over a third of foreigners registered as living in Slovakia are based in the Bratislava region, and make up around 3% of the region’s population. He puts this down to the economy of the region.

Freso is also cited as expressing concern over how key specialised jobs might be occupied by foreigners instead of Slovaks, saying more should be done to encourage Slovaks abroad to return to their homeland and stop the braindrain. Freso underlined that it was essential that migrants respect Slovakia’s “Christian, national and cultural traditions”.


  1. Always better when you put ‘ something out there ‘ to try and wake the dying, sleeping crowd up , dont you think ??

    And there Bagger was, reigning supreme at number two.

  2. Dont think Frešo has ever had a tash, Georgie, Ftáčnik has a tash, dont think his first name is “Cretin” though, some confusion on your part, I feel.

  3. Stop the brain drain ????….Dont make me laugh, what as a EU pub pint puller, a chambermaid, or a burger flipper ?? Non Slovaks get the jobs in international firms, because they are more than fit for the job, not because of some socialist Slovak cronyism .

    Mr Cretin Freso ( he of the Walrus tash ) underlined that it was essential that migrants respect Slovakia’s “Christian, national and cultural traditions”…..what traditions are those then ? Hating the Roma Slovaks, insulting Hungarian_Slovaks, pretending bribes and corruption in government and in judiciary just never happen ?

    Did this country never realise it joined the EU ?

    When Slovaks like this one, come back to earth and that Slovakia is not the center of the EU universe, perhaps we expats will stop taking the piss and start to respect Slovakia’s “Christian, national and cultural traditions.

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