Former Advisor to PM Attacks Retired Writer in Street

The media today is full of reports about how PM Robert Fico’s former advisor Drahoslav Machala attacked well-know Slovak journalist and author Tomas Janovic and his wife in the street yesterday.

Crime scene - Post Office on SNP, Bratislava (c) The

Machala allegedly started shouting and being abusive at Janovic outside the Central Post office in Bratislava, before launching himself at the writer and his wife, who were both knocked to the ground. Janovic, aged 75, claims that Machala has had a personal dislike towards him for years, probably because he is not so keen on what Janovic has written in the past.

Janovic responded to the initial verbal abuse by referring to Machala’s alleged codename for the communist secret police STB, saying “Give my regards to Pamir”. Janovic and his wife were then taken to hospital by their daughter and the incident reported to the police.

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  1. So one of Bobby no Mates’ thugs goes around beating up a pensioner and his wife in the street because he doesn’t like what’s been written, presumably about him or his kennel master.
    I hope the Keystone Kops have this scroat under lock and key by now.
    I and the rest of the world wait in anticipation to see what action is taken and what justice is dispensed.

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