Former BA Mayor Durkovsky Cleared of PKO Charges

Former mayor of Bratislava Andrej Durkovsky has been cleared of mishandling public assets in the case involving the listed building PKO in Bratislava, thanks to a procedural discrepancies in the investigation by the public prosecution and the police, reports TASR newswire today.

Andrej Durkovsky cleared of charges (c) The Daily

Durkovsky, formerly a prominent member of the Christian democrats KDH, was accused of selling off the building and allowing its demolition (since halted by injunction) under disadvantageous conditions and without the necessary consent of the City Council, but now the Attorney General’s Office has dropped the charges from April 2012, thereby accommodating Durkovsky’s petition.

Back in 2006, mayor Durkovsky signed an agreement with the company Henbury Development, basically approving the demolition of the popular venue to make way for a new development called Riverside City. It wasn’t until 2011 that the police started to look into the case, but Durkovsky was protected by MP immunity at the time, with two failed attempts to strip him of it in parliament. Durkovsky stepped out of the KDH party following an agreement with the leadership.

Durkovsky’s lawyer claims the latest development proves his innocence, especially since the sale and eventual demolition of the PKO building was previously approved by city councillors back in June 2005.


  1. Have a look here:
    The General Prosecutor Office is lead by Harabin – the person very close to governing Smer party and the person against who is the opposition hunting.

    Durkovsky is much closer to opposition (KDH is an opposition party). And this Durkovsky has been relased by General Prosecutor Office.

    Despite very strange, I feel the Gorila in the air

  2. What was it Smug said about my lack of `awareness of cultural diversity.`

    Yea right, this Slovak nation of Aryan people are either bland thieving crooks with a designer Lawyer attached, or just plain dumb and stupid with nothing between their ears….The only culture or diversity you find here, is in one on Tesco`s or Billa`s yogurts.

  3. Is this some new legal expression unique to the SK – “cleared, thanks to procedural discrepences”
    The story should read that due to the total incompetence of the Slovak police and prosectutor another dodgy dealer walks free.
    Slimsedg – I am with you brother, sack those who cocked it up, it may serve as an incentive to others to do their jobs correctly.
    Slowvakia continues its downward slide into the realms of disfunctionality.

  4. ‘ procedural discrepancies’ that old chestnut… cant help but feel these are being built in (or bought in). These lawyer’s should have a three strikes and your out policy, with a life long ban… it might give them a little more focus!

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