Former Economy Minister First Accused in Gorilla Affair

Former economy minister Pavol Rusko (c) WokoSK

The investigation into the Gorilla corruption allegations has produced the first charges, with former economy minister Pavol Rusko being accused of fraud.

The charges against Rusko, who headed his liberal ANO party in parliament between 2002-2005, concern the privatisation of the combined cycle power plant PPC in 2004, which supposedly went to Penta investment group illegally and at below price (around EUR 70 million). Interior minister Daniel Lipsic announced the cancellation of the privatisation earlier this month.

Rusko is being held partly liable for the suspect deal, which allegedly caused damages in the range of around EUR 42 million. He could therefore face between 5 and 12 years behind bars if found guilty. Speaking to SME daily, Rusko said “Me! Accused? What nonsense is that?”.  The company Penta is also denying any shady dealings, of course, noting that the transaction was transparent and not disadvantageous for the state.


  1. True, but maybe time for a change. Interesting that it is someone who is not in politics or a position of power who has been targeted first. Shooty agrees

  2. Up to now it has been a basic principle of Slovak politics that MPs and ex-MPs do not go to jail, whatever they do, even Lexa. I doubt this agreement will be broken.

  3. Who Me? Yeah right, no one admits to fraud, they get accused…. What I want to see is if Penta will be part of the investigation and if they will be charged for conspiracy to commit fraud? If they are held accountable, freeze there assets right away! Don’t let them dodge the bullets and move all their holdings into others hands! 5-12 years for Eur 42 Million in damadge, kinda light don’t you think?
    I hope the right people make the effort to see these criminals put behind bars and away from any future political ties or business opportunities!

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