Former NBS vice-governor: eurozone will revive

photo (c) Tibor Macak, The Daily

Talking to newsire TASR, former vice-governor of the National Bank of Slovakia, Elena Kohutikova, expressed her conviction that the current crisis within the eurozone would pass and make the zone even stronger in the end.

Kohutikova, who was a key player in Slovakia’s adoption of the euro back on 1 January 2009, believes that immediate steps have to be taken by eurozone members to stabilise the euro and that those countries with the biggest problems should be helped so as to give them sufficient time to implement their own corrective measures.

She also underlined how only fiscal and economic discipline in individual countries would ensure that the same kind of situation does not recur again in future, while noting that problems should be nipped in the bud instead of waiting till they become full-blown.

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