Former PM Radicova Now Lecturing at Oxford

Former Slovak prime minister Iveta Radicová, who led the collapsed four-party coalition government in the previous term, is now teaching in Oxford as official rumours suggested.

former Slovak PM Iveta Radicova (c) The

According to TA3 news channel, she has been teaching at the University of Oxford for about a month already as part of a three-month assignment while also giving lectures at other universities throughout Europe. Radicova is also preparing a research paper on relations between Slovak politicians and the media, while making comparisons with other countries.

Radicova maintains that there is still a big difference between the west and the east in this respect, as the new democracies are still developing. Speaking to SITA newswire, Radicova said “The partisan colonisation of the state is often accompanied by the partisan colonisation of the media, mostly concealed”.


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