Former Policeman Shot After 11-Hour Standoff

A former police officer was shot and arrested on Wednesday morning following an 11-hour drama after he had robbed several places at gunpoint.

Illustrative photo (c) Arasmus photo

The standoff took place in Liptovsky Mikulas, with tens of police officers involved, while the 31-yr old man who had barricaded himself in the loft of his parent’s house took shots at them.

The man held out against the police from 6pm on Tuesday before they eventually threw in a smoke bomb at sunrise, with the man being shot in the arm during the operation.


  1. Well, when you have one of the higher ratio’s of police to citizens around, i suppose its any excuse to get the boys out!

  2. 30+ police, an armoured vehicle and a hail of bullets that hit everything but the suspect in 11 hours when all it needed was one marksman, one rifle with TI sights, one bullet and 10 minutes for the paperwork.

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