Former Policeman Still on the Loose Near Martin After Killing His Family

For some unknown reason, a former policeman went on a rampage this evening in the village of Bystricka near the town of Martin, shooting dead his two daughters and one other woman who cared for them, the TVnoviny portal reports.

photo (c) Yumi Kimura

The man, reported to be a former police officer, is still on the loose and armed with a pistol, so police are hunting him down and informing people to take care as he may be dangerous. No further details have been released.


  1. Too many guns, too easily obtained by too many idiots!

  2. I wonder if he will head to a Roma Settlement and clean up that mess

  3. Police most dangerous ……? Naaaaaaaa , Fico & co the MOST dangerous criminals ……all within the Law ofcourse .

  4. More murders committed by “police”? or ex “police”? this one is particularly disgusting. It would place police as the number one most dangerous criminals in SK.

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