Former SNS Head Slota Arrested for Drunk Driving

Former head of the Slovak nationalist party (SNS), Jan Slota, has been detained by police for driving under the influence after a speedy car chase as he refused to stop for officers doing spot checks, Pluska.SK reported.

Jan Slota, not always so merry (c) The Daily.SK

The police detained 59-year old Slota yesterday afternoon near Cadca in the north-west of the country, already more than tipsy behind the wheel. As has been his custom, Slota refused to take a breathalyser test. The officers had to chase after Slota’s car and block it in order to get him to stop. Slota’s detention came the same day he organised a press conference but did not show up at it.

One of the officers told SME daily that Slota showed signs of being pretty inebriated. Slota could not face charges of drunk driving and disregarding officers of the law. The police eventually let Slota go after midnight, while daily SME cites him as saying it must be “some kind of error” as he left.

When SMe daily asked him why he had been arrested, he said he didn’t think he was drunk and that he hoped he hadn’t “killed 300,000 Roma”.

This April, the SNS expelled Slota for financial mismanagement as he squandered some 11 million euros from the party coffers, due to which the party is penniless.

Slota has developed a reputation for his love of a drink or two, and was recently thrown out of the SNS party by the party board for using up some EUR 11 million and leaving the party skint after it failed to get past the 5% threshold needed to get into parliament in the March 2012 elections.


  1. I now read that Jan will not now face prison because the police, yet again, cocked up his arrest. They could have fast tracked his court appearance thus his ban, fine and prison sentence, but for some unexplained reason they didn’t so good old Jan could get away with a Tut! Tut! – One law for some, another for the elite, no matter how they behave!

  2. “the fact that you are using up the planets’ oxygen is a crime in itself!”

    Maybe you should introduce gas chambers. At this point, I am not sure who is Aryan and who not

  3. You know DC, I quite like Jan. He is typical Slowvak male , even actual or wannabee and is a true role model, snap shot front page photo for the nation. I would say old Jan represents cira 90% of the ways ( drinking, arrogance, rudeness, thuggery and theiftom ) and thoughts of life of this sad country and the age 35 plus Slowvak Aryan race.

    Kinda make you glad you are you and Slowvaks really did come from the chimps grouping of any DNA ….

    1. You are absolutely right George. I have just arrived home, of course after drunk-ride during which I showed my middle finger many many times to different people and of course ended up fighting with my woman because I blame her for my bad day. Just have forgotton to stole something, bud now I am about to go to grocery shops and I heard they have free rolls week

      1. Sounds more like a monthly cycle Period problem than any Bad Day dear Voldaaaa? Have you have your under carriage checked recently by the Quack?

        1. Slovak men don’t have mothly cycle period, but daily cycle. I am always angry aryan man

          1. ..vodaaaaaaaaaaa, …oil your bike chain.

          2. Sorry, but I have to disagree. Many Slovak men do have a monthly cycle. They get paid every month, behave like total a*$eholes for two weeks and then spend the next two weeks tapping off people, whilst still acting like total a*$eholes.
            BTW don’t feel sorry if you have forgotten to steal something today, the fact that you are using up the planets’ oxygen is a crime in itself!

          3. Ouch ….that was like being savaged by a sheep old Vodaaaaaaaaa.

  4. Funny! some country bumkin fails to stop for the police and they open fire! Shame Herr Slota didn’t get the same treatment!
    His comment about the Roma should have landed him in prison but this is Neverneverland.
    Is “using up” a modern day PC term for thievery?

  5. That will teach him to come home from the flash Villa in Croatia, have the gall to drive a 7 year old Bentley and not do the trip as pilot in a private helicopter

    …none of which he owns of course …

    1. Bit like you George

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