Former transport minister wants to sue current one

Transport minister Jan Figel (photo (c) John Boyd - The Daily)

Lubomir Vazny (Smer-SD), who was the transport minister under the previous government, plans to press charges against the current transport minister Jan Figel (KDH) because of accusations made by Figel in the media about overpriced reconstruction work carried out at the Ministry of Transport.

Vazny told TASR newswire that he is currently putting together the charges and plans to take action next week.

Figel is facing the lawsuit because he recently commented that reconstruction work had been carried out at the ministry costing half a million euros, while Vazny was still in office. Figel labelled many of the items as overpriced, such as a EUR 40,000 carpet.

Figel said that at that price it should be a “flying carpet” and that spending public money in this way was inappropriate, and even unethical.

“Mr. Figel pretends to be a truth-loving person, but in reality he was misleading the public when disclosing this information,” said Vazny.

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