Four Brits Injured in Bus Crash, Driver Dead

Four Brits were among the 33 injured in a bus crash this morning on the outskirts of Bratislava near Svaty Jur, while the bus driver paid with his life. Six of the injured have serious injuries, with 3 children also hurt in the crash.

The accident happened on a bus from Myava to Bratislava after the driver found himself facing a tractor cutting the grass at the side of the road as he took a bend. He had to swerve to avoid the tractor but headed into the central barrier, which saw the bus turned over.

The road was closed most of the day as rescue teams rushed the injured to hospitals.


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  1. Amazed to hear last night that the police think it would be a good thing to have a warning system to let drivers know that there is some yokel n tractor ambling along the motorway. Brains engaged a tad too late for these people killed and injured yet so typical here in Neverneverland!

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