Foxconn Sinks 600 Jobs in Ailing Electronics Sector

Daily Hospodarske Noviny reported yesterday how Taiwanese electronics producer Foxconn plans to sack around 600 workers from its LCD plant in Slovakia.

The company produces the LCD TVs for Sony, but with the global electronics market suffering decline, it has had to pull back on its production plans due to lack of demand from its key customer. In January last year the company announced the recruitment of 900 additional workers as part of its expansion plans, but now the tables have turned.

The electronics sector is a key industry in Slovakia, second only to the automotive sector, and other electronic companies have been saved only by government stimuli, like Samsung, which threatened to pull out of the country until it got an additional EUR 28 million investment incentive, or AU Optronics, which shifted part of production to Trencin from Brno in order to meet the conditions to receive EUR 38 million in state assistance, although it denies that as its motive.



  1. I know you hate critic of your little ship but …

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    Perhaps start a Editors comment so we know where the the website sits , be a newspaper not a muse paper or info sheet …I mean being Liberal and fence sitter , does not get Clegg many votes ??

  2. Sorry J, but this is hardly `current` news as this appeared on Friday on other media …

    Once the millions in investment incentive or state assistance drys up …vroom off these expat investors go, leaving this Slovakian, smart, well trained educated workforce will to to work for just 400 euro a month in tears .

    Kinda sad …

    1. its not urgent news George, but still published. Thanks for the comment, it would be good if more people commented because there are thousands of readers.

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