Free Pasta and Flour Project Not so Efficient

The government’s plan on how to help the poorer segment of the population in true Maria Antoinette style by giving them pasta and flour has not been without administrative problems.

photo (c) Sherool

The whole project of distributing flour and pasta has turned into a sticky mess because of chaos in the organisation. One of the problems is a lack of storage space, which means part of the goods allocated to this purpose could pass their sell-by date before reaching the needy.

Another problem is that there is no specific list of people who are entitled to the free handouts, and so the food might end up in the hands of those who don’t need such assistance, but will happily take it anyway. Those who should be receiving the free food in rural areas also lack information about where to get it or the process of getting it.

Cities and larger towns are more organised at least, and have been handing out the pasta and flour for the past two weeks already.

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