From PM to MP, Fico is ready to be worthy Opposition

Robert Fico

On Thursday 8 July Robert Fico handed his resignation to Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic, who just one hour later swore
in Iveta Radicova as the new Prime Minister.

On Friday 9 July, as the head of Smer-SD, Fico was then voted in by blind ballot as Parliamentary Vice-chairman, after he received the support of 100 of 144 present MPs. He is one of four people to hold the vice-chair in parliament, together with Milan Hort (SDKU-DS), Pavol Hrusovsky (KDH) and Bela Bugar (Most-Hid).

Now an opposition MP, Fico recommended the new PM Iveta Radicova (SDKU-DS) to take a picture of herself at the beginning of her term of office, and to compare herself after four years in the demanding position of PM.
“It might not have been the most gallant thing to say, but I said it anyway. Take a picture now, and then compare it four years later to see what the burden of the post has done to you” said Fico.

Fico believes this parliamentary term will be highly interesting. “I hope this Parliament will be at least as stable as while we were in power (2006-2010). The previous coalition had absolutely no problems passing laws or executing its manifesto,” he said.

Since his defeat in the elections, Fico has expressed on several occasions that he relishes the chance to be in the opposition, reaffirming this today by saying his party is ready to be a “constant opposition”.

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