Galko launches enquiry into PCs costing EUR 28,120

Yet another criminal complaint has been filed by Ministry of Defence over the purchase of 400 computers in 2007 and 2008.

Defence minister Lubomir Galko claims that the purchase was more than EUR 7.86 million overpriced. He also pointed out that an original order for 300 computers was put aside for the purchase of 400 Tempest computers costing EUR 19,395 each.

The cost of each PC was then increased to EUR 28,120 after things like anti-virus software, CD and DVD drives etc. were added to the price.

At the time the purchase was made, instead the Ministry could have got Puma or Siltec computers, which carried a price tag of just EUR 12,586 and EUR 8,463 respectively. As is customary, this price already included print DVD drives and other essential features.

Apart from the price, Galko is also not happy with the fact that the computers were purchased from the company Magic Trading Corporation without a public tender.

“A transparent public procurement procedure could have saved EUR 19,656 a unit” claims Galko, who explained that the head of the security office at the time, Stefan Jangl, had stated that no tender had taken place due to a lack of time.

In the end the purchase was made by his deputy Mario Italy, because Jangl was on holiday at the time.

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