Galko Points Corruption Finger at Politicians

Following the case of twelve people being charged in a corruption case at the Ministry of Defence, defence minister Lubomir Galko announced yesterday that one of the men would not testify for fear of his life.

Politicians behind tender manipulation (c) The Daily

Miroslav D, who was accused of machination back in August 2010 for tailor-making public procurement tenders to nine business people, says he fears for his life if he were to testify because the scam trail leads to top politicians. As Galko put it, the man is afraid because he would have to “reveal certain things that lead right up to top politicians”.

Galko pointed out how it is important to see dishonest employees punished, but that they are usually just puppets of some politician. He said he would love to see some politician convicted of corruption.

The accused manipulated public tenders between 2009 and 2010 to companies that then submitted overpriced tenders, involving a minimum of EUR 1,730,000, with the spoils being shared out. So far the police have uncovered bribes worth over EUR 67,000.

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