Gas prices to rise by less than 10% next year

Utilities regulator URSO failed to publish the new prices of gas and gas for the generation of heat for households by 1 December, meaning customers will not know the prices at least 30 days in advance as has been the custom.

The gas utility Slovensky plynárensky priemysel will adjust the prices of gas for households from 1 January, but will have to wait on the decision of regulator URSO to fix the conditions and determine the level of price increase. Once SPP receives the regulator’s decision, it will immediately publish the new prices on its website.

SPP had eight of its own proposals rejected this year, chiefly because the state as the majority shareholder did not endorse the proposals at the company General Meeting, a condition imposed by law under the former government. This means the regulator will fix the prices based on its own calculations.

Head of the regulator, Jozef Holjencik, assured at a press conference this week that the price hike should definitely be well under 10%. He says the regulator is unable to determine prices just yet as it is waiting on data on the euro-dollar exchange rate and oil prices on world markets for December.

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