Gasparovic Remembers 89, But Possibly Not Values

On the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic said the sentiment of the time was still close to him, but just how far removed he is from the values of November 89 is up for individual consideration.

President Ivan Gasparovic

Now in his ninth year as president, Gasparovic has been at the centre of several situations where his personal position or motives have to be questioned. Most recently, his adamant refusal to adhere to the Constitutional Court’s insistence that he respect the key attorney general vote made in parliament over 16 months ago, and appoint the winning candidate, Joseph Centes. Gasparovic has never formally stated his reasons for not appointing Centes, merely using bureaucratic formalities not to do it.

The revolution of 1989 was a public demand for justice, transparency and a new morality in the country, but as long as public servants continue to be bloated by their own arrogance and self-importance, ignoring democratic institutions, the efforts of 23 years ago will all have been in vain.


  1. interesting how you think that you own a brain patent.
    Have at least some of you visit Slovakia?

  2. Mastermind Slovakia .

    Will our first contestant take the hot seat
    Your name please ——–Pass
    Your Occupation ———-Pass
    Your chosen subject —— Pass at which point a SMER MP shouts out from the back of the room, “Tell them nothing Ivan, tell them nothing”

  3. Gaspingperson is a symbol …a Falak one then? But just remember , all the Slowvak Falak`s that voted him in as Pressie….and voted him in just the TWICE !

    Worrying eh?

  4. This person is an symbol. The symbol of this stupid pseudo-post-socialist period.

  5. Excellent article and so very true. Where was JOJ? Golden oportunity to have a serious debate about issues that effect every Slovak and to review how things have developed since the “revolution”, maybe put some heat on the old guard politicians – Nah! lets show some films (again), talent show, soft porn Farma, and the usual drivel with so many commercial breaks the plot gets lost. The only league table the SVK heads is the one for total apathy.

  6. Ditto , my previous point on another thread .

    Stunning how Slowvaks talk about revolution and that is all they do is talk a good game, for hundreds of years all they have done give up, surrender and collaborate and expect someone else to fight and die for them …all with the backbone of a squid and moral cowards !

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