Gathering in Front of Ukrainian Embassy

Around a hundred people gathered in front of the Ukrainian Embassy in Bratislava this evening to light candles in memory of those who have died in the violence in anti-government demonstrations in Kiev.

Violence yesterday in Kiev, photo: Maya Zakhovaiko

According to daily SME, most of them were Ukrainians living here who felt they had to express their solidarity in some way. Another gathering is planned in front of the embassy tomorrow afternoon at 3pm.

As Ukraine’s neighbour, Slovakia has condemned the violence being witnessed there, but today saw the most violent day, with an estimated 100 or so people killed so far.


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  1. Christ …a whole 100 people lighting candles ? That is perhaps the most see by light that street has had in the last 50 years …..I bet Putin is shaking in his boots …oh that`s wrong … his lap dog is running the Ukrine this last few years ?

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