Gay Partnerships To Be Discussed in Parliament

The issue of same-sex registered partnerships has come into focus with the Freedom and Solidarity party (SaS) planning to submit a legislative proposal to allow registered partnerships, something that a recent poll of the agency Focus says is supported by almost half of all Slovaks.

Gay rights parade in Bratislava (c) The

The SaS party wants the issue to be debated already in the parliamentary session starting 11 September, and is hoping to get enough support to give homosexual couples some of the same rights as married couples. The party expects partial support from the OLaNO party of Igor Matovic, but is hopeful that the stand-alone government party of Robert Fico, Smer-SD, will make certain concessions and back the motion, at least in part.

The gay rights group Iniciativa Inakost (Otherness Initiative) presented the results of the poll on 1,026 respondents together with the agency Focus, noting how almost half of those in the poll supported the idea of registered partnerships for gays, while not allowing same-sex partnerships to adopt children. The actual figures were 9% definitely in favour of the move, with another 38% swaying in favour, with a clear link being seen between age and support or opposition.


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  8. George, I live in Slovakia, not in Bratislava which is like a different country. I’ve lived for the last five years in the Saris region and before that was a frequent visitior to Middle-Slovakia. I speak the language and work with Slovaks. I’m pretty confident to say that I understand the people of this country and thier views although I don’t always agree with those views.

    Inbreeders and people who have hardly a brain are located in every country (you as an Englishman should know this).
    I’m just suprised that you don’t seem to know any Slovaks that are normal in your view.
    Maybe it’s because it takes one to know one or maybe you’re just bigoted yourself…..It’s quite obvious that you think you’re better then Slovaks which you are definitly not. You’re an obnocious and racist person and most people here wouldn’t mind if you wouldn’t show your dumb opinions here anymore.

  9. ~~~~Most Slovaks I know are respectable hard working people with an open mind. It seems you attract all the inbreeding up-on-the-hill-living dumbasses, ~~~

    Dr P , you must live a very limited life …try living 20klms from Bratislava for a while, say in a village and you will get the picture that there are far more dumbasses, than what you consider normal people .

    Expat, thank you for informing us of your perverted TV viewing program ….I can see why you have a repressed brain and we all on here laugh at you. Actually, all people could harm me and my family, gays or straight or otherwise, that is why I personally point out and even champion those that bring these matters to the public eye, rather than like a pathetic you, that hide in a corner like a mouse and hope the big, bad wolf just goes away . BTW. How is the wife, still wearing the house pants ?

  10. WOW, what a discussion… I had to stop about five or so postings above! Anyway, someone made a comment about the parades and the open intamacy shown in publuc…. Have you ever seen “Gorls Gone Wild” or any “Campus Frat Party Video”? These are just as bad and sometimes worse than two guys kissing!

    There have been gay and strauight for long beofre it has been an issue! IT IS NOT A RECENT DISCOVERY!

    Grow up and concern yourself on your own contribution to society, not every one else! Gay or Straight, who really cares? Do the gay people do harm to you and your family?

  11. Oh George, you were so close not being the kind of guy you’re normally are. Try a bit harder next time, in the end you’ll get there. I’m sure of it…..

    Get it in your daft head: I’m not Slovak and even more important, most Slovaks aren’t like the persons you try to picture here on this forum. Most Slovaks I know are respectable hard working people with an open mind. It seems you attract all the inbreeding up-on-the-hill-living dumbasses, says probably more about you then about these people.

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    Gay people aren’t animanls, what the hell? And use your mouth where god intended it for? Are you one of those people who still believes in fairy tailes like the eastern bunny, Santa Claus and God?

    I don’t agree with gay marriage but partnership is no problem, but again I draw the line at adoption, a child needs a mother and a father for different stages of his life.

  14. Lady Goo Goo – A typical response from a typical Slovak. Because I defend the rights of the LGBT community your challenged brain equates that I must “bat for the other side”. I can assure you that is not the case, as many of your Sk sisters will testify.
    I have always supported the rights of individuals, especially when confronted by the type of bigotted, misinformed, hateful comments that you make. You will be suprised to learn that I would also defend your right to voice your opinion, no matter how confrontational it may be, but I will also respond with my views on the comments you make.
    In your twisted world, anyone who doesn’t conform to your personal, intollerant vision of what is or is not correct are contenders for your fantasy “peoples court” and draconian punishments, meanwhile, on planet Earth, you vent your frustrations by making incorrect assumptions and attempting to make purile insults.
    Do us all a favour, Slovaks and foreigners alike, and take action to ensure that you do not pass on your damaged genes to the next generation.

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  16. Ah! Lady Ga Ga – nice to see you’ve got your Internet concession back at the Big House.
    So the LGBT community are animals are they? No suprises there then when in previous ramblings you have labelled the Roma, foreigners and even your own countrymen who don’t fit your bigotted perception of what is a true Slovak, as sick or criminals. No doubt in your fantasy world the LGBT set would all appear before the “peoples court” before bring shot, gased or hung.
    It’s about time you and a fair proportion of Slovaks as a whole wake up to the fact that you have two choices as a Nation – either grow up, accept that this is the 21st Century and that multi-culturism and social tolerence are the norm and that your less than 1% of the population of Europe is not going to make any difference to the ongoing developments in the EU community OR continue, what appears to be a headlong slide back to the middle-ages, and become an insignificant, rarely visited backwater, a monochrome, open air museum of society at its worst.

  17. Do we let apes, chimps and even sheep marry as they are animals .

  18. Praha profited big time from the pink dollar. I am sure Bratislava could as well.
    Open up, be accepting and part of that is gay marriage or common law.
    I think the benefits could be a great part of increasing gay tourism and acceptance in Bratislava and other cities.

  19. I read today that Moscow’s top court has upheld a ban on gay pride marches in the Russian capital for the next 100 years. Gay rights campaigner, Nikolay Alexeyev, had gone to court hoping to overturn the city council’s ban on gay parades. He had asked for the right to stage such parades for the next 100 years.

    He also opposes St Petersburg’s ban on spreading “homosexual propaganda”. The European Court of Human Rights has told Russia to pay him damages. The Moscow city government argues that the gay parade would risk causing public disorder and that most Muscovites do not support such an event.

    Which just about sums up my point ….The Gay guy wants the right to have a parade for a daft 100 years ….and that `most` Muscovites do not support such an event. Still a long way to go in this world and on both sides .

  20. George, I think your approach was really accurate when you redefined this topic with the right question: Why gay marriage should not be disallowed? There are no real reasons.

    With regards the big demonstrations and parades, I personally think that they respond to reaction from a minority that has been discriminated and bullied, overexposing what they usually have to hide. We could compare it with the 60s sexual revolution. In any case, once homosexuality is fully accepted by society, the demonstrations will have no reason to take place.

  21. ~~~as long as they are upstanding citizens, who cares what goes on in private~~~

    I think that is where the LBGT cause fall down ….they actually don`t want to be private, they want to be seen and shock…we have `Protest` Gay Parades…. a herd of half naked people just there to shock, or to shock by two same sex people being viewed by all in the street, with their tongue down each others throats. ……do groups of heterosexuals have the same shock need, to display there sexuality in such a way?

    I have no real problem with people doing what they wish in private, I just dont think most people want the Gay lifestyle and any acceptance of it, just forced fed on them in this way, which is the case with with many of the LGBT community. As with many of these group, if you want the same rights as others, perhaps you need to act in the same manner …with a normal street protest ?

    1. Very true George but put a camera on any group of people and the exhibitionists will come out of the woodwork.
      The LGBT community should try to control the shock and awe demonstrations of some of their group, what you do in private is your business, but excessive behaviour in public will damage your cause rather than further it. If you want to be accepted as normal – act within the accepted standards.

  22. Dr. P – I agree that the term marriage should not be used to describe a pledge of commitment between two persons of the same sex but only because the term conjures up the wrong image in the minds of the blinkered and bigotted. If two people enter into a “contract” with each other they should all have the same rights and this is what I don’t understand. When Slovakia joined the EU it ratified the EU Convention of Human Rights which enshrines the rights of the LGBT community. No need for a parliamentary debate – the laws should just be amended to make them inclusive. The church and other groups have every right to object but no right to subvert basic human rights, something that has yet to sink in in this country.
    On the issue of same sex couples adopting children – whats the problem? as long as the authorities ensure the child is in no danger, is going to be loved and cared for LG couples should be treated the same as hetro couples. Personally I would be baffled by any objections to adoption by LG couples from a society that allows children to live in the squalid conditions of many Roma communities.

  23. As a gay permanent resident of Slovakia. I would say in this day and age, thoughts against same sex marriage or partnership should be the norm.
    Gays and those in the LGBT community pay taxes just the same as everyone else and are as long as they are upstanding citizens, who cares what goes on in private. None of us have the right to judge “love” between two people.
    Be open, accepting and above all, fair. Freedom for each citizen, each tax payer, each person who gives back to society. Let’s move forward because there is nothing the other way. BTW, I come from a country where gay marriage was passed years ago.

    1. Correction:

      As a gay permanent resident of Slovakia. I would say in this day and age, thoughts FOR same sex marriage or partnership should be the norm.

  24. Not sure if after some thought, I agree with either of you, as you both still seem blinded by a religious or personal bigotry. If you break down the very reason to marry, you may have your answer.

    The ceremony ( which is all it is really ) is the act of declaring publicly a commitment to another person. From there your commitment to that person is to see that they come first in your life. Not all that long ago blacks and whites were not allowed to marry. The objections raised today over gay marriage are in line with the objections raised then. Some claim that as the majority don’t support gay marriage it should not be permitted. The majority also did not support women’s rights such as the right to vote, and equal pay etc. Blacks also did not receive majority support when seeking their freedoms.

    Child slavery was very popular until the minority stood up and said the majority has it wrong. The majority have not supported much when it comes to a community of civil changes. That’s because the majority would rather laze in their comfort zones, than consider an alternative or do anything that wont actually benefit them directly.

    Finally , how `marriage` won’t affect other people is not a reason to get married or why it’s even alright to get married. it’s more of an argument why it should NOT be disallowed, in my opinion.

    Why do you need more reasons than because they love each other? There’s the tax advantage, the medial plans when one works and the other doesn’t, insurance, wills, estate taxes, etc. but all of these are benefits of being married (or disadvantages, depending on how you look at it) and doesn’t have anything to do with ‘gay’ as such, but with the mixture of religious and social or economic attributes of the current let`s get marriage fad.

    So the real question is ‘why should gay people NOT be allowed to get married? And not because a so called Majority of mindless, bigoted, religious or we don`t really care or I dont benefit voters, just say no .

  25. This conversations remind me highschools debates. FFS if 2 people want to subscribe themselves legally for some rights and obligations, that is their choice. Ultimately it is as a legal contract that is chosen under free will. Let us all move on to more important issues.

    1. Like the great debate of how to spend 2 euro, jumping up and down in the park you mean ? 🙂

      1. That was a waste of time, I will never get back 🙂

    2. Not quite, i’m afraid. Gay partnerships are not needed per se, and I am sure some intricate personal contracts could be drawn up on a case-by-case basis. sounds cumbersome. And this measure would go some way – tokenism maybe – to further tolerance of gay people. This would be in line with the 1990s Catholic document / teaching…. rejecting the orientation but decrying victimization etc .

  26. I agree with David. I’m not religious but I don’t think 2 gay people should be able to get married, that’s for a man and a woman in my opinion.

    Furthermore I don’t think it should be possible for 2 men (or 2 women) to adopt a child as is legal in my home country of Holland where same-sex-marriages are very normal and common.

    So partnership (with it’s legal/fiscal/financial benefits); fine, but let’s draw the line there.

  27. Whatever one’s views of homosexuality (and I follow Catholic theology – not slavishly or sheepishly – it is my degree subject) I think the issue of gay partnerships is fine for inheritance, tax, hospital visit and other reasons).

    Gay ‘marriage’ is a non-sequitur for me and David Cameron’s pushing for it is trite and unconvincing. Some gay politicians think it unnecessary (Labour’s ben Bradshaw)..
    The Slovak Catholic church may kick up a kerfuffle but the UK Catholic church officially has no problem with it as a concrete measure. I hope we hear very little from Mr millions Archbishop Sokol and the Figel (discounted flat) Pharisees.

  28. How did we move to MOST Slovaks, when only 9% were in favour ?? The `we don`t know or don`t care` suddenly became a yes vote ?

    The daft way we run our world , on some unknown Christian or God complex values (whatever that is ? ) then for legal reasons I guess same-sex registered partnerships are needed . Apart from that , I see no reason to go further and the adoption of children is always a difficult one, as parenting is about many things and that you never know who is the potential pervert, whether they be gay, or even `straight` like a priest .

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