Gelnica Raises Police Presence After Mob Attack on Waitress

A violent incident that took place in the small town of Gelnica in East Slovakia at a Roma wake for a drowned four-year old boy could flare up racial tension, as a waitress was beaten repeatedly by some of those at the wake.

Regional news service of Sme daily Novovesky Korzar reports how the 21-yr old waitress said she was first attacked by a woman who had fainted and been carried outside. The woman came round as the waitress was giving her a glass of water she had been asked for, and immediately launched at the waitress tearing at her clothes and hair. The situation then flared up and the waitress threw the glass in panic, hitting another woman.

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Some of the alcohol-fuelled mob, who had also brought their own alcohol to the wake, then turned on the waitress, throwing her to the ground and beating her. The waitress eventually managed to run inside to hide in a back room, but she was pursued by some of the attackers, who broke in and proceeded to beat her again along with her aunt, who is one of the restaurant owners. The attackers then stole both their mobile phones and fled the scene.

The waitress had to spend four days in hospital after the incident and local residents in Gelnica have launched a social network protest with a public march planned, while the police have reacted by boosting the number of patrols. Gelnica mayor Ladislav Gross even referred to the situation as critical.

The waitress’ aunt now says she shouldn’t have agreed to let the wake take place at her restaurant, as all the other establishments had rejected the request of the Roma, who had announced just 30 people to attend, while around 150 showed up.

Apart from the physical injuries, the young waitress is now suffering mental trauma, telling Korzar: “I cry every day. I’m afraid to go out in the street and have bursts of terror and panic even when I have to go to the doctor. I just keep asking myself how I’m going to continue living in this town”.


  1. I just Googled Gelnica, and do you know , I cannot find ONE single photo with a Roma person in it , not ONE ….

    1. They have many believe me!!

  2. From where is coming that illustrative photo? … for sure not from Gelnica. Gelnica would be easily recognized by troups of romas everywhere and no armed police. … very unrepresentative picture.

    1. apologies Tomas, but can’t always get something suitable

  3. Rroma causing drunken problems Oh tisk ……were they Slovak BTW ?

  4. The attack on the women is a disgrace and police should arrest and charge everyone involved.
    On the other hand, auntie obviously thought of financial gain rather than the potential for trouble which serves her right.

    1. Its a restaurant of course she thought of financial gain, plus situation in Gelnica is quite bad as most people left and there are not that many restaurants open anymore, so i don’t think we can blame her aunt for trying to make a living in a legal and normal way.

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