Glance House Case Takes Usual Twists

The suspect case involving the transfer of the block of flats Glance House in Bernolakovo near Bratislava, with accusing fingers being pointed to former attorney general Dobroslav Trnka and his entrepreneurial crony Marian Kocner, now looks set to fizzle out and join other similar cases in the dusty records.

The prized Attorney General's Office (c) The Daily.SK

Yesterday the cadastral authority in Bratislava annulled the illegitimate transfer of the private block of flats back in 2009, calling the transaction unlawful, but just who will take the wrap for the attempted or mistaken theft of a whole building remains to be seen, or not to be seen.

It was attorney general at the time, Trnka, who gave the thumbs up for the land registry to transfer the building from the developer company to the company Gapeja with links to his old acquaintance Marian Kocner. This took place despite the Special Prosecutor’s Office’s preliminary ruling prohibiting any manipulation with the property, and even though Gapeja itself was in bankruptcy.

The crediting bank OTP banka has filed a lawsuit  demanding the repossession of the property from Gapeja, which now plans to appeal the latest decision annulling the transaction. To date, the only scapegoats to have charges raised against them are former head of the land registry and one of the partners in the initial dispute, Jana Slachtova, who was apparently advised by Kocner. Trnka, on the other hand, has little fear of reprisal, and even got the backing of interim attorney general Ladislav Tichy, who is keeping the 2-year vacant AG throne warm for a suitable candidate.


  1. Beanpole’s name in the frame, again, for dodgy dealings yet he still has his job and the ” confidence” of his superiors. Thick as thieves takes on two meanings in this country!

    1. The word `THICK` describes this nation quite well , no ?

  2. Oh, Oh Oh …I wonder what the Czech people think of you and of this ?????

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