Go Vote in Local Elections Says Local Expat

See that guy walking across the zebra crossing on a red light with a carrier bag of beer who just threw the cigarette butt on the road?

photo: Ian Britton

See that old lady holding up the queue at the post office buying scratch cards for 20 minutes?

Can you hear the guys sat in the family restaurant using profanities and being vulgar when there are small children sat next to them?

See the teenager sat at the fruit machine wasting all his (stolen) money?

See the woman crossing the dual carriageway, calling drivers idiots?

See the shell-suited couple walking their dog on the bike track, swearing at cyclists?

See the Facebook junkie aggressively spamming all threads with illiterate nonsense, conspiracy theories and blogs by unknown, annonymous ‘experts’?

All of these people exist (these are only the ones I’ve encountered today)

They have the right to vote in the local elections.

We also know who they will vote for.

Banska Bystrica Governor Kotleba's LSNS party protesting against gays in 2011 (c) The Daily.SK

If you see any of these people on Saturday morning when the Poling stations open, and you haven’t been to vote – don’t blame anyone for the fact that neo-nazis have taken another region for themselves.

Because these people have cast their vote.

Every foreigner who is legally registered in Slovakia has the right to vote in regional elections.

And we far outnumber the amount of bigoted, uneducated school drop-outs who think we should all be deported.

Make your presence felt.

By John Dale

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  1. Excellent post- Intelligent people know they should vote, it’s just too easy to not. Exercise your right.- Doug

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