Going, Going, Gone! SDKU Party Set To Transform

Justice minister Lucia Zitnanska (c) The Daily

The near disastrous result (6.09%, 11 seats) in Saturday’s early general elections for the SDKU-SD party led by Mikulas Dzurinda has raised questions over whether ‘Miki’ shouldn’t have stood down before the elections and paved the way for either vice-chairs Lucia Zitnanska or Ivan Miklos to use the pre-election period to reclaim lost voters.

At the last party congress before the elections, justice minister Lucia Zitnanska said she would be willing to take the helm of the party if the members wanted it, while also noting how the voice of the voters would be crucial to the issue. Now she believes the people have spoken, giving a clear signal that it is time for a change in the party and so will be challenging Dzurinda’s leadership.

In terms of individual preferences, Zitnanska got almost four times as many votes as Dzurinda, with 103,517 people electing her to represent them in parliament, compared to just 27,242 for Dzurinda.

Will all the SDKU figureheads vanish from Slovak politics? (c) The Daily.sk

Finance minister Ivan Miklos also got more than double the votes of Dzurinda, with the support of 56,771 of the party supporters, but says he is not interested in leading the party, also because he feels partly responsible for the party’s bad result. Rumours are spreading that Miklos is planning to surrender his parliamentary mandate and take up an interesting offer abroad instead.

Dzurinda, who accepts responsibility for the bad results, says he welcomes and is even pleased by Zitnanska’s decision, so now he may have to reconsider his future in the party that he set up back in 1999 when prime minister. Dzurinda’s position and future should be discussed later today at the party’s board meeting.

Zitnanska promised that if she were to lead the party she would do everything in her power to get the party back to where it belongs on the Slovak political scene, considering the party had over 15% of the vote as recently as 2010. The demise of the SDKU-SD party was brought on in the past few months chiefly due to the corruption allegations in the Gorilla affair.


  1. elle , I was talk to smug Logsar regarding being a Communist quisling , did you not see that `oh stupid` Slovak ?

    …….Or have you forgotten who you are, or pretending to be as well ????

    BTW, the spelling of Chimel was deliberate mistake and test…but you still knew who he was eh ?

  2. OK …..Two Slovaks that don`t actually think they are stupid ?

    Losgar ….The best thing you can do is ignoring him…. Grammar Failed !

    ella ……because I’m Slovak nad I’m not stupid… Spelling Failed !

    BTW , Vote …Most /HId …Bela Bulgar is a actually a nice guy , Hungarian of course and not really Slovak and so far they have done NOTHING to hurt anyone as far as I know , although Mr Chimel former Minister of Culture …old guy, grey hair , is a bit suspect .

    1. miles away Mr. Clever, parents and even grandparents have never been the Communists… and com. secret police made their lifes really hard
      I know my english is not perfect, but this does not mean I do not say what I want to say, and mistakes in communication in foreign language is not a sign of stupidity

      ok, so Most -Hid, good choice, I am impressed
      and only Slovaks and (mostly) NoSlovaks who voted them, are not stupid.. hmm
      BTW> … Mr. Chimel… Spelling Failed ! (Mr. Chmel )

  3. Oh George, if YOU could join last elections,what party whould you vote for ?

    Because seems that everybody who voted and even who didn’t, is stupid in your eyes… and this is not rational view…

    1. Ella, you don’t know who you are talking to. George M. is the paper’s idiot. The editor keeps him as a “pet” to attract more attention.
      The best thing you can do is ignoring him.

      1. thanks losgar, I already made my mind 🙂 because I’m Slovak nad I’m not stupid… 🙂
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    Of the Nation twenty years after, freedom of choice, 41% did not vote at all. Of the 59% that did vote, 44% ( 1,150,000 people ) voted for the biggest, corrupt lying leader in Europe, 260, 000 people for both the Hungarian ( SMK) Slovak ( SNS ) ultra Nationalist ….and around 24% of people voted for a Political Party (all 18 of them) that had no chance of making the 5% cut . 6% voted for SDKU and Micky the tic ….the Crook . 9% voted for a religious party , because the Pope and their Priest told them to …believe me I know ! ….9% voted for a Party grouping that has no agenda , just voting each day, as they each please ….

    How many bright Slovaks does that leave ? Most-Hid and SaS voters perhaps.??

  5. […] in parliament being given as his reason. He reiterated earllier statements that he was glad that outgoing justice minister Lucia Zitnanska would be taking the baton over, and that he would give her his […]

  6. Reform SDKU ? What under Zitnanska ? She has all the charisma of an afternoon watching paint dry . I get the feeling she got the extra votes over the two crooks, for being the lesser evil, or in a some SDKU supporters protest , rather than any real feelings for her leading the party into any reform or back to former glory.

    I did have one small laugh at the SPIN some used , as Dzurinda claimed the SDKU`s declining popularity was due to the fact that its sympathizers and voters were just more critical thinkers…….ie , all Slovaks are plain stupid , just some are more stupid than others perhaps ?

    1. ??? all Slovaks are plain stupid ? It’s possible to find idiots in every nation, but only arrogant tw.t would say that whole nation is stupid !

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