Good news for entrepreneurs

The Economy Ministry looks set to provide some respite for all, or many, of those who feel at times snowed under with seemingly needless administrative paperwork.

A working version of the Government Manifesto was made public which contained details of how the burden will be lifted, providing a 25-percent reduction in bureaucracy by 2012 and the informatisation of the state and public administration.

“This will contribute to improving the business environment, the quality of which has been stagnating,”  commented Juraj Barta, chief economist with Slovenska Sporitelna while making clear just how fundamentally important it is to lessen the workload on small traders, who are at the moment being treated almost the same as larger companies regarding red tape yet almost certainly find such a burden more troublesome than those who can afford to have administrative departments.

Such measures can only be good news for the Slovak economy, as anything that encourages people to take the courageous step into entrepreneurship will boost not only their numbers, but also badly needed employment opportunities for those currently out of work.

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