Gorilla Claims FNM Head Bubenikova as First Victim

Head of the National Property Fund (FNM) Anna Bubenikova is the first to slip on a Gorilla banana skin as government ministers decided this afternoon to recall her from the post.

Coalition agreement (c) NRSR

Even though prior to the meeting the heads of the broken coalition parties were divided on whether to back the vote to recall Bubenikova, when it came to the crunch, the KDH and Most-Hid parties joined forces with the SaS party in voting in favour of the recall.

The sudden turnaround came also because of what agriculture minister Zsolt Simon from Most-Hid referred to as new information constantly coming to light. Ministers for the SDKU did not vote to recall Bubenikova, although acting Prime Minister Iveta Radicova supposedly voted in favour of her recall.

The call to withdraw Bubenikova as head of the national privatisation agency came from the SaS party, specifically from economy minister Juraj Miskov. He became the target of attacks from Bubenikova, who accused him of applying pressure on her regarding the potential sale of a 49% stake in the gas utility SPP. Miskov said her claims were complete lies and is now considering also slapping a criminal complaint on her.

In a highly irate mood, SDKU party head Mikulas Dzurinda referred to Bubenikova’s recall as being part of a pre-election campaign, and so he is now calling for the coalition partners to “cleanup up also at home” in reference to the Gorilla affair, mentioning specifically the personal advisor to interior minister Daniel Lipsic.

Dzruinda also took a poke at police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak, saying he is now “acting like some independent analyst” over the Gorilla affair, but that he had done nothing in the year and three quarters since becoming aware of the situation. This comes after SME daily published an exclusive interview with him, in which he acknowledges the possibility of the Gorilla reports being authentic.

The Gorilla affair points a finger at many in high places, so it will be interesting to see what develops and who goes after who as the pre-election games get into full flow. The new political party called 99% is already claiming that it contributed to the downfall of Bubenikova and that the SDKU party is shielding her, as she had allegedly arranged a backhanded commission of around SKK 100 million (approx. EUR 3.3. million) for the party in the sale of heating company Paraplynove cyklus.

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  1. So lets get this correct ….~Economy Minister Juraj Miškov (a nominee of Freedom and Solidarity (SaS)) had requested that Prime Minister Iveta Radičová sack Bubeníková, suggesting that that the Gorilla file contains, as yet unconfirmed, but nonetheless very serious claims~

    Then suddenly a big White Shark in the name of SPP Gas comes up and bites Juraj Miškov on the ass …

    Ministers from the governing parties SaS, the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) ( including by chance , the one who got his Old Town Flat for twopence , when actually it was worth 250K by any chance ?? ) and Most-Híd, as well as Radičová herself (a member of the SDKÚ), called for the sacking of Bubeníková , I read that the TASR newswire reported.

    ~The SDKÚ had previously backed Bubeníková, with SDKÚ-nominated Finance Minister Ivan Mikloš stating on January 10 that Bubeníková still had his trust.~ Did Miklos not also trust the Tax Chief over the new offices tender in Kosice and then sack him …..well actually suggest by Miklos that could save his own neck and become his consultant, if the Tax Chief offered to resign …….and like a good lap dog he did , as the poor love did not want to be any trouble to anyone?

    ~Interior Minister Daniel Lipšič (KDH) said that with suspicions as serious as those that had emerged in Bubeníková’s case, such a person could not remain in such a high state position. ~ ( but you can stay a Minister , when some idiot with a high powered gun, shoots and kills several people on your watch ???)

    ~SDKÚ leader Mikuláš Dzurinda described the Bubeníková’s sacking as part of the election campaign.~ ….well Huh ……great way to kick off Micky , get rid of all your dirty washing before Election day in two months eh ??

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