Government Aims to Stop Illegal Constructions

There are literally hundreds of constructions all over Slovakia that have been built without a building permit or other authorisation, and now the government is trying to prevent the situation from worsening as it pushed through a revision to the Building Act last week.

The legislative revision makes obtaining a building permit essential before construction work can begin and there will be heftier fines for those disrespecting the regulation, up to EUR 350,000.

Prime Minister Iveta Radicova said that illegal constructions have popping up like mushrooms after the rain, with the previous 2005 revision to the law being too general and benevolent. She therefore believes that the latest revision will be crucial in preventing such constructions.




  1. Actually the squirrels are more of a pest ….

    1. ūüôā

  2. As it does not deal with temporary dwellings and given nature of your Cheatollocks, I think your 8 room tent might be ok George. :-)) Just beware of bears, eh.
    Sorry could not resist the temptation………

  3. not sure of all the details yet George, but I believe some details are here (in Slovak ) and the Slovak Builders Association (ZSS) is against the revision, saying the fines will affect also small homeowners who change something about their chalupa etc.

  4. Any explanation what the new Law does ?

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