Government Appoints Minority Rights Plenipotentiary

As soon as it took up power in March 2012, the current government of Robert Fico came under a fire of criticism from NGOs over how it planned to splinter minority and human rights issues with certain steps like abolishing the deputy PM post for the same.

Most-Hid head Bela Bugar, happy with something rather than nothing (c) The Daily

Following talks with Prime Minister Robert Fico, the Most-Hid party, which represents a large part of the Hungarian Slovak population, announced today that its own Laszlo Nagy would be the Government plenipotentiary for national minorities and human rights as of tomorrow, overseeing a new office set up to deal with the agenda.

The government itself will oversee the activities of the office, though, as it will essentially be an advisory body dealing with all aspects of the development and preservation of the rights of national minorities.

Head of the Most-Hid parliamentary caucus Laszlo Solymos expressed satisfaction at the creation of the plenipotentiary post, while still referring to the abolition of the Deputy PM post for national minorities and human rights as a step backwards, the party’s press secretary informed


  1. Well if the Slovak Rifles are as competent as the government agencies mentioned there would be no danger standing in the firing line – most probably safer than standing behind them!

  2. Careful Dave C , the Slovak Rifles will be aiming a we must forum ban you real soon.Mr Nasty unfair you, is dragging the poor and totally racially tolerant Slovak people and their International Reputation through the mud and mire.

  3. New Office? – What happened to the old one? I don’t recall seeing a news report of sad faced, jobless, public servants leaving the former office for minorities and human rights or were they just absorbed into the department for coronation planning?
    “Advisory body overseen by the Government” – The advice is already available, someone just has to read it. Mr Nagy can be sure any advice he may give to BnM will go straight into file 13 and if there are any further damning reports on the Sks performance in these areas Bobby will point the finger at him.
    Another job creation scheme for family members and hanger-ons, more EU funds down the drain and no doubt very little done in the future. Yet another joke!

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