Government Approves Anti-Corruption Strategy

The government approved its master plan today on how to combat corruption in Slovakia, an awesome task considering the spread of corruption all through public administration.

photo (c) The Daily

The plan sets out how the government firstly wants to analyse the indicators of potential corrupt behaviour, pinpointing where it is most likely to occur. It hopes to have the analysis complete by November, before pushing for legislative changes by February 2012.

Over the long-term, the government wants to establish more watertight conditions in the awarding of contracts, licenses or funding, with the aim of establishing an objective system  by the end of next year.

The strategy admits that corruption can only really be tackled at all levels and with the co-operation of everyone, including the public, as they also need to know what they should and can do if encountering corruption. It also admits that there are no short-term solutions that can just turn the situation in one term of office.

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