Government Audit Raises Suspicions of Wrongful Adoptions

The recently publicised cases of Slovak families losing their children to the United Kingdom social services has led the government Human rights committee to audit the Centre for International Legal Protection of Children (CILPC) and hopefully unravel the full scale of the problem, with some curious findings.

Protest in front of British Embassy over "child-snatching" in UK (c)

Figures cited by SME daily talk about over 300 Slovak children who have been put up for adoption abroad in the past ten years, but not just in the UK. These cases of cross-border adoptions had to be given the green light by CILPC. The government human rights committee has therefore been auditing the work of CILPC, which has had to face criticism over its inactivity or slow reaction in the UK cases, as it could have requested the return of the children to Slovakia.

In all, it seems that about 100 children were sent to their new fates without the cases firstly being examined by a committee, while there were 357 cases of cross-border adoption (106 being questioned). Older cases from before 2002 remain a mystery as  the records have been lost or deliberately destroyed.

Regarding the UK cases, SME cites some 50 cases of Slovak children being taken by Social Services, where CILPC did not request that they be sent back to Slovakia. The centre is the only body that can approve cross-border adoptions and enter processes where Slovak children are involved, but now it appears that officers at the centre were using a loophole to finalise cases without a commission examining them.

Another point is that Slovak children should only be put up for adoption abroad if there are no suitable families found in Slovakia, a principle that Lucia Nicholsonova from the SaS party claims has not been respected. It seems the large majority of the children were shipped off to Italy, with no or little follow-up by the CILPC as to where the children actually ended up. Nicholsonova is therefore planning to lodge criminal charges on suspicion of trading in children.

The new head of the CILPC, Andrea Cisarova (since this summer), is also keenly awaiting the full results of the audit, which will hopefully explain what happened to the records from before 2002 and why have so many Slovak children end up in Italy. Given all the recent revelations and accusations, many feel something dubious is taking place, while others have faith in the system and reject outright that such atrocities could ever take place here in our civilised Europe. The child’s best interests are maybe not always the primary motivating factor, however, and so families continue to be split apart, with or without legitimacy.


  1. Former Councillors Targeted by the SS

    The Adoption Act 1927 is alien to the common law of the land.

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    1. The hero of the day is Mrs.Cisarova, director for the Centre for International Legal Protection of Children and Youth.
      She saved the kids, and also other kids and changed the history of the Royal courts of Justice.

      The 4 and 3 years old boys are after 920 days finally home.

      1. Cisarova , Saved the Kids ???

        They were being adopted by a nice, wealthy, middle class English family with the hope of being feed correctly, each day, going on several exotic beach holidays every year and a proper chance of a private of an English Uni education . Not fed on daily on potato sick on plate, covered in pig fat, or being forced walked on trip to the holiday forest to be peckered to death and the pleasure of attending the local Roma filled classes at school …

        So Congrats all ….Now theses poor saps live in shanty village, in a damp cottage and will end up being street tealeafs, or social muchers living at at the ass end of the EU, rather than be living in a Villa in Surbiton, Solihull or Cambridge with a chance of a proper life .

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        1. George M.
          As predicted, the completion of due process in the UK courts is being heralded as a historic event by the braindead, ignorant and stupid led by our resident village idiot.
          I am suprised a National holiday wasn’t declared.
          Meanwhile the actual facts are, as ever, being totally disregarded by all and sundry. Not one comment on the mothers’ Police Record either, strange how little snippets of truth are just ignored here or maybe the Googlemasters can’t spell.
          The boys speak English so I can well imagine their first comment when shown around Grannies two roomed flat. At least she has running water and number ones and number twos don’t involve a hike down the garden with an oil lamp. School is a long way off and they will both be “converted” by then but they will confused by visits to the doctors and the like – whole day excursions backpacking supplies for the endless waiting in filthy corridors full of sick people. I can’t help but wonder if their excited ” Are we there yet?, Are we there yet? has now been replaced by “can we go back now?”

      2. Loggie
        There is hope for you yet! Mrs Cisarova and the CILPCY have made history because under her leadership they have actually done their job, for once. She strikes me as someone who will get things done and sort out why so little happened under her predecessor who I assume is still sat on her well paid arse in some other non-job rather than being investigated for deriliction of duty.

  3. After trawling through the usual insults, nation knocking, stories from Australia, Eire the UK and all points north, I had to check what article this comments page is supposed to be on:

    Government Audit Raises Suspicions of Wrongful Adoptions in Slovakia

    And other than the village idiot assuring us all it isn’t a problem, I am having problems finding any comments actually on topic which is a shame.

    JOJ is doing a good job of hiding the story without the help of others rambling on, off topic, here.

    1. Grandpa, this article, as well as many others are filed under a subsection:


      Have you forgotten?

      1. Yes, as has everybody else in Slovakia as it has turned out to be a non-story. Move along please.

  4. If my children would ever face this action…. I would not only blow the whistle, but sound the alarms across the planet…. But, I am a parent that takes care of my children, and if anyone questions this, I will fight! The goverment is our pulic servant…not the other way around! For those out there that understand….. Our children are not for sale! My children have a sfae home, a great life with lits of love and direction…. If children are not in a situation as mine, perhaps then it could be questioned! But….. Some Adults are not fit to be parents, and the children do need foster care, but with all that is happenening, chilren are safest in a home that cares!

  5. Due to the huge interest and number of comments on this subject, for ease of reading we have set up the subsection UK Forced Adoptions, which includes all articles and comments relating to this subject.

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  7. Unfortunately the concerns are grounded. I work with a private organisation for families and children in the UK.
    One Local Authority was in contempt of court 3 times, the judge did nothing.
    We have paperwork of the admissions of unlawful acts, which are also supported as a willful fabrication to obtain children.

    With regards Money, since the 2008 economic problems, Children removed and placed in care raised sa local tax funds dropped but other funds were made available. On Average Each Local authority nets 13.5M per year on child custody ( excluding legal and other related benefits)

    A judge connected with Agenda 21 ( by admission) aids LA’s ( as Evidenced) we are having trouble in obtaining the transcripts from the hearings!
    She allows the LA to do as they please ( non action and verbal support) where a case drew into question the experts, one who was a fraud and one convicted fruadster. The judge refused to allow them into court and supported the other.
    The judge also then called people Liars and then cherry picked some of the things said to warrant her actions. The summary judgement, was completely disproven, then the claims made by social workers have also been disproved by evidence ( or lack of).

    Im rep in the case and have already started the criminal and civil proceedings paperwork and we are awaiting appeal. So while it seems extereme and far fetched, I could seriously open your eyes, but would be put behind bars, ( have been once for listing (name and shame) the same thrests are used time and time again against families and I have does of reports.

    Ireland appears to be linked with England as well, as I have a cross boader case, which is questionable at best. The cases were moved twice but both times the other moved so the family appeared in two countries at the same time so could nto attend one of the hearings.

    When I fist came on the subject, I didnt believe it, but it wouldappear to be the case totally

    1. FFT – Interesting story, despite the appauling English. No doubt we will all hear the outcome of your forthcoming efforts in court. I do note its all allegations at the moment and will remain so until proven.
      The money part of your story is amusing – LAs get money for children in care, not the individual officers, to provide care for the children which as you well know costs an arm and a leg. There is a major difference between funding for care and the wild reports of Social Service officials making a profit from child care cases.

      1. To Dave C. Appauling spelt incorrectly, should be spelt appalling. People in glass houses…..

        A lot of people make money off the backs of these unfortunate children, they are the last people who want it stopped. Take the money away and stop fostering & adoption unless in truly dire cases. Social workers should use the money to help families not tear them apart. I note there are hardly any follow ups to adoption on how the children fared but there are lots of people from a place down under that have finally spoken about how callous their government were & how it affected them, finally getting an apology. Fostering stats are availiable, it would appear these children did not fare any better being apart from their families. The social services do lie in court and fabricate stories, what a shame they don’t use their talents to help families. The British have an appalling record of how they treat children and in 2012 things have not changed for the better.
        This sums up another aspect of this system:

        Son wants to return home to family
        A 13-YEAR-OLD boy is in hiding, avoiding child services officers after fleeing foster care in an attempt to be reunited with his mother.

        His mother, Liliana Distefano, says the boy has been on the run since mid-September and lives in constant fear of being seized by authorities.

        At a meeting with the Chronicle, Ms Distefano, in the company of her son, accused the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services of harming her family’s welfare.

        Ms Distefano, who has another son with autism, said she was overcome by health and personal circumstances in early 2009.

        She said she was left with no option but to relinquish her then 11-year-old son into the care of the department.

        The decision was made when the pressure of her own health issues combined with her son’s medical conditions forced her to form the view she was not able to care for him properly in that period.

        “I had exhausted all avenues with regards to respite – Commonwealth respite, disability services – they all said there was nothing available,” Ms Distefano said.

        “In desperation, I contacted DOCS and they said the only way they could help was if I relinquished him into care.”

        Ms Distefano said departmental officers came to her home with documents, which she signed, and her son was removed from her care the same day.

        It was the beginning of a traumatic, three-month separation, unbroken by a phone call or a visit.

        “I knew nothing – I was beside myself for three months,” Ms Distefano said.

        “I called all the time asking ‘where is he’, ‘when can we do contact’.

        “Nobody would give me any answers.”

        Now, with the boy is on the run, a spokesperson for the department said specific cases would not be discussed but there were general guidelines that applied to all cases.

        “When a child or young person leaves their foster home, residential care, or carers, and is then considered to be at risk of being harmed, police are immediately contacted,” the spokesperson said.

        “Every effort is made to locate the child or young person to return them to their home and to look into why they have made the decision to leave.

        “Depending on the young person and their circumstances, the department will review arrangements to keep them safe, and their travel and movements may be limited.”

        Ms Distefano said in the two years from 2009 there had been varying degrees of contact between her and her son.

        Recently, she noticed a change in his demeanour and then, in mid September, he gave her a letter during a visit containing various complaints and made it clear he wished to return home.

        This prompted a fiery meeting with departmental officials and led to Ms Distefano seeking legal advice.

        Ms Distefano said her boy was reported missing by the department, prompting periodic visits to her house by police.

        She has alleged departmental officers had harassed members of her family by telephone.

        “All I want is for my son to be allowed to come home, he is my son and I love him,” she said.

        In response to questions about the reunification process of children who had been surrendered into care, the department’s spokesperson said: “Children subject to short term child protection orders have a case plan that details how they will be reunited with their families.

        “This case plan will identify what additional supports are required for the child to safely return to their family’s care.

        “This may include engaging the family with agencies that can support them in addressing the child protection issues that led to the child coming into care.”
        Note that a system exists for reunification but is not being used.

        1. Dana – The appalling was a tongue in cheek bit of humour but many thanks for the English lesson.
          The case you quote is very interesting. Do I understand that the boy is on the run but in regular contact with his mother? You obviously know the case well, so what is the Social Services’ side of the story? It sounds to me that she should have been offered a respite care agreement for her son but if I read your notes correctly, the mother relinquished her parental rights, which seems a bit strange. This case seems worthy of further investigation, and could well be an example of over zealous SS staff or even of a major system failure. With regard to your comment about “taking money away from fostering and adoption unless in truly dire cases” who do you propose makes that decision?

          1. Dana – I note your comment today in reply to Wistpisk is about actions in Australia?

          2. In reply to Dave C
            Firstly my point about the forced adoptions in Australia show that it happened there and is now seen to be wrong & worthy of government apology. In Britain the same happened but no apology as they do not think they have done anything wrong. So arrogant.
            Secondly the boy who hid is from America but it was to illustrate that they are different reasons that children end up in foster care. This mother’s ill health and a sons medical condition were factors of putting the child with social services, voluntary. The problems are now resolved but social services are not returning the child despiite having a system for reunification. This too is arrogant.
            It would seem that power really does corrupt and social services in any country not just England abuse that power and trust. There are no real checks which is why there is outrage when something like the Slovak forced adoptions occur leading their government to speak out about this vile practice. I just wish the Brits could go to the British Embassy and complain about the British Social Services!!!

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  9. PS. In the UK, there is a strange discrepancy between the very high number of children put into foster care and the comparatively low number of children who are being adopted.

    And who knows how many children run away and go missing?

    1. In reply to your question of how many go missing. See links:…pdf

      Just the tip of the iceberg as so many others just disappear!

      Forced adoption is so wrong because it cuts ALL ties with ALL the birth family and they very often oppose adoption by the state.

    2. Sabine – The links you give are all to organisations which though well meaning have a biased agenda when it comes to this subject. They are all very good at publishing examples of excesses by the UK courts and Social Service but only ever tell one side of the story, more often than not through the eyes of the parents who, as has been discussed, are by nature, going to omit details that may put them in a bad light.
      “Strange discrepancy………..” Firstly you need to understand that Foster families provide care for children for varying periods of time, from a few weeks to the child becoming an adult. The Foster Children remain wards of the courts. Adoption, on the other hand is where full legal transfer of parental responsibility is transferred to another person (s) – the adoptive parents. Some foster parents do eventually adopt a child in their care but the sad fact is the majority of children lucky enough to be fostered are not adopted. The UK, like most nations, does not have enough potential foster families or adoptive families which results in the vast majority of children remaining in care institutions until they become adults. If you wish to check the annual reports of the NSPCC, who have no axe to grind, you will see that few children are fostered and even fewer ever adopted. The simple fact is supply excedes demand.
      As for Dana – yes children go missing, some abscond from care, the majority leave their families very often because of abuse in all its forms.
      “Forced Adoption” still using this incorrect and emotive term but here is a question for you – Lets take a real child, Kia, who was recently highlighted on the Foster care and Adoption web site. His mother sank into a circle of petty crime and prostitution to fund her drug habit. Despite medical advice she continued using drugs whilst pregnant. Kia was born 24 weeks premature, drug dependant, brain damaged and severely physically handicapped. The child is unlikely to live into his teens. According to you Dana the courts should not have taken this child into care or put him on the fostering or adoption register because his true place is with his mother who not only caused his problems but then abandoned him. As with so many comments on this site, everone sees these child care cases in black and white, accept any drivel posted without checking the facts or asking searching questions and make no attempt to understand the procedures either of the UK Social Services or the UK legal system. At the end of the day, the true victims are not the parents and it is the childrens welfare that should be at the forefront of everyones thoughts and that can only be assessed by knowing all the facts in each individual case. It would appear there is another victim in Slovakia – the truth, no one seems to want to hear the truth and would rather make paper planes than establish the actual facts. There are non so blind as will not see.

      1. To Dave C
        In Reply.
        I did not compile the statistics for children that go missing from care, the government did. My opinion is that it is the tip of the iceberg.
        Children are abused by both parents and strangers, sometimes by the very people that are supposed to protect them, adopters & foster carers and carers in residential homes, teachers, sometimes other strangers that cross the path of the child. People in high places are often found to be the perpertrators of systemised abuse and that is hushed up, sometimes to come out in later years. Children are being taken in care because social workers are scared not to. I am not talking about extreme cases which involve criminal acts and those parents will go through the criminal court, be legally represented, know the charges against them and the case is heard in open court with a jury. This is not what happens in Family Court when all rules are turned on their head. The cases that you hear about in the papers are only a fraction of the cases where children are wrongly taken. May be heard only because it points to a particular issue that is topical. There is no ultimate reveiw in family law to check if it was the right thing to do unlike criminal law when cases can be reopened. Adoption is final and takes the child, not just from the parents but extended family members and siblings, not just when a child to “safeguard” but as an adult too. Not all parents are the monsters they are thought to be when a child is taken from them but the general public are ignorant of the truth. If these parents have not committed a crime they should be helped to keep their children not vilified.

        1. Dana – Whilst I agree with most of your comment I feel that I have to point out that, because of the UKs implementation of EU laws, directives, childrens rights et al, many “child abuse” cases do not involve criminal procedings because what the parent has/ has not done is not a criminal offence. It is indeed one of the grey areas of these procedings. I also agree that not all parents are monsters but I also note that the actual number of children who are adopted remains at roughly 3% of those placed on the adoption register and I am sceptical, but open to persuasion, that there are failings in the system, but if there are they need addressing.

  10. It is MOST fortunate that one ‘case’ and one government have begun to shine light into what seems to be going on in each country, according to its respective cultural habits, needs and urges for exertion of power over children.

    For more information regarding evidence in the UK, please look at, a revamp of, and

    1. Sabine – Did your company design the Victims Unite Website?
      The reason I ask is the site is displaying a graph entitled Adoption Curves which on closer inspection is a graph showing the “Adoption” of household devices – washing machines, TV’s, Mobile phones, etc. over the decades.
      Is this an error or a case of Bul*&%$ Baffles Brains?

      No doubt your company designed the other two sites you have posted links to.

  11. Forced adoption should not be tolerated by any country!
    Children should be with birth family where possible, in their own country, and checks should be made once they are “disposed” of. At least checks can be made if fostered, if any are actully done!
    Corruption is in family law as it is everywhere but the chances of anyone putting their hand up to it and stopping the child traffiking going under the adoption banner would be like a priest being a paedophile. Sorry, thats been done too!
    How many top officials are involved? Trouble is, we may never find out. Stop Forced Adoption!

    1. George – A bit of classic Python – excellent! Wonder what the boys could have made of this cowboy outfit?

      Mucker – Old Mucker – colloquial term from my neck of the woods – friend, mate, mush, compadre, colleague etc. Also used in Devon and Cornwall I believe.

      1. You mucky mockery father-muckers, I’m happy you found each other.

        Now let’s sing together: “Always look on the dark side of life…”
        George solo: “Especially in Slowvwakiaaaaa…”
        “Always look ………………..”

  12. I have heard so much outrageous shit all over this case, it is starting to become ridiculous. This is the classic case of the chupacabras, a media scandal that keeps society emotionally attached to a fantastic plot where futuristic genetic theories are thrown here and there, a kids black market going on looking for the ayrian slovak race???? FFS. I would like to invite every upset Slovak to read facts and have a rational standing towards this case, because I am starting to feel sorry for this society and its poor mental process.

    1. ~~~I am starting to feel sorry for this society and its poor mental process~~~

      Welcome to the Pleasure Dome NY, Velcome !

  13. Oh don’t you just love it! The Slovak media reporting on the “evil UK Social Services” outragious claims of a conspiracy within UK authorities, businesses being made from children in care in the UK – all untrue, incorrect and unsubstantiated – meanwhile, back here in Never never Land – Slovak kids have been shipped off abroad to be adopted by your own Child Protection Agency, records have disappeared and please don’t say money was not involved. Well done Mrs Nicholson, I hope you and Andrea Cisarova expose every sordid detail. I can’t wait for the informed reporting by JOJ and others on this bombshell or the mass demonstrations of concerned Slovaks.

    1. Yep, mess was considered and cleaning proces was started here in Slovakia.
      When will you start cleaning in UK with your SS? Don`t say that everything is OK there just because we are speaking about UK!

    2. Then you wont have any objection to the Slovak Govt (and 3 others) taking UK to ECtHR and the cases investigated?

      1. You think the Slowvak Government want to spend money and open this can of worms on their side ??? Dope Burns !

        1. Nit at all – they haven’t got a leg to stand on, so if they did it might blow up in their face.

  14. Where are the curious finding . This website is becoming like Fox News, make up a story from old facts and then push the agenda . Clean what out and where ? It looks like as always this was really a Slowvak problem and they were not interested in the kids at all . Happy for someone else to pickup the bill . I love Nic`ova, her of the scary fringe cut .~~~Slovak children should only be put up for adoption abroad if there are no suitable families found in Slovakia, a principle that Lucia Nicholsonova from the SaS party claims has not been respected.~~

    Errrrr Honey, where you not in 18 months in charge of the Ministry of Families a short while ago . Perhaps you had other things on your mind, like exposing corrupt officials from you own party in your department and cuddling up to that new Beau ?

    1. Come on now George me old mucker! How long have you lived here? Do you really think any Sk Minister is going to put his/her hands up and admit this was happening on their watch? We both know it will be the tea boys fault because, God forbid, a Slovak Minister actually checks what his/her department is doing. This is Never, Never Land – Never take responsibility, Never anyones fault, Never do anything. A brilliant quote from the Spectator ( Sorry J.B.) – “The Slovak state only works on paper – tons and tons of paper which results in things being misplaced” – in this case children. Money, as ever will be involved, but I doubt many heads will roll. Trnkas carpet will grow some more lumps and Toadies grin will get wider, BnM will knit another lame excuse which will be accepted without question by the sheep and life will go on. All we can do, my friend, is shake our heads in disbelief and let this country continue its lemming like nose dive into oblivion, with the passing comment of ” We told you so!”

    2. George the Mental, your huge desire to put down the people of this country and prove that England /or the UK/ is better makes me feel a bit good. Don’t worry your country is doing economically and militarily better then Slovakia. You can have good sleep.

      Do the Slovaks do the same, compare it’s economy, wages and living conditions to the UK? No! They use for the comparison the strongest economy in the world – Germany. It’s our example and goal.
      Yes, I can hear you, sure they were nacist but it’s the past. You have to look to the future or at least present. They are doing really good and as leaders of the EU I feel they trully care about Europe and it’s people. The Brits not so much. I feel the Brits missed this train.

      You and your mate Dave.C /grumpy grandpa Craphold/ keep trolling about how this is bad and that is bad. Sure it is, does anybody argue with you?
      I live in China and it would make me feel like you if I started telling my wife how everything sucks and how everything is better in Slovakia. I have an advantage, things are not the best in Slovakia /still better then in some countries around Slovakia/, far from the perfect. If you have normal SVK friends /probably not/ they tell you the same.

      But you go even further – you keep making up things. And you deny all the problems that happen in the UK.
      I remember when I got mugged in Australia once, sitting early in the morning on the verandah, drinking beer, beaten up pretty badly. Lots of the good things about Australia seems unimportant then. I told my aussie friend that something like this couldn’t happen in SVK. He said – no way. How can you say it. I said – it has never happened to me or anybody from my family or anybody I know. Never.

      You see, the UK is doing fine for now, not as good as the Germans or the Swedish f.e., but fine. The Slovaks believe in themselves, they will never respect people only because they come from a richer country. You Brits are just travellers, seeking a better life in the central Europe /just as I did here in China/ and some of you found it, found your inner peace. Some of you didn’t for any reasons. Dave C. is too old and stupid you are too stupid and mean.

      My comment might be a bit off the topic but afterall nearly all your comments are too. Last thing – get out of SVK, you and Dave C.. You are just two idiots who belong back to your country.

      1. Ah Loghead – I had hoped you had been caught in one of Chinas recent disasters, unfortunately not. Nice to see you still contributing to the debate with your usual rubbish punctuated with the ever childish insults.
        You got mugged in Oz? – well if you shot your mouth off in Australia like you do on this site its a wonder you didn’t get a good kicking every day.
        Mugging never happens in the Sk – you obviously can’t get JOJ or TA3 in PRC – Old and disabled people seem to the most popular target along with kids and young women – and we all know why that is, don’t we?
        Slovaks try to model themselves on Germany – well there is nothing like setting your sights high but exactly how you hope to emulate the Germans is beyond me. They are creative, inventive, hard working, honest, law abiding, financially astute and very well educated – you don’t tick any of those boxes. I suggest you try to model yourselves on a country with similar global ratings like Burundi, or Chad then you won’t feel so distraught when you inevitably fail because both of those countries index ratings are increasing ever year while Slowvakia continues to slide down every league table going.
        As for leaving Slowvakia, I don’t need your permission or blessing to live here and never will, child, and other than the few looney house inmates like your goodself, I quite like the people and the country.
        The only really stupid person I have come across during my time here is you, with your fantasy policeman game and posting of irrelevent crap on this site. Now do everone a favour- find a mine field and go play hopscotch.

        1. Grumpy grandpa Craphold, look at what you wrote. Lots of crap as usually. Crap, crap, crap.
          You don’t even acknowledge that the violant crime rate in the UK is much higher then in SVK. What can we talk about then? The weather? Wait a minute, wasn’t there on TV JOJ news something about a storm in Gemer region? I guess SVK weather loses this competion with the UK weather as well then.

          You old fool, don’t you understand that a news about a mugged old grandmother is on the news because it’s something rare? In the UK it wouldn’t make it between the 100 top news of the day.

          You like the people and the country? I wonder what you say about people and countries you don’t like. Am I the worst and most stupid Slovak you ever encounter during your staying in Slovakia? I’ve met many worse English men then you and yet I’m not judging.
          You know the difference between you and me? What I’ve written on this web site I can talk about with my English friends and I won’t feel shame. What you’ve written about is only for other foreigners who think like you /have similar mental problems/, I’m sure you wouldn’t share it with your wife or your friends who take you hunting, buy you a beer in the pub or are hospitable beyond your expectations. Back talking is what you enjoy doing.

          I like your military jargon, or your limited view about any country further east of Slovakia. It makes me feel good. You are pushing your 70, aren’t ya? I’m less then half of your age. I still have the time to grow up.
          Yes, I can’t force you to leave my country but I have the right to tell you this: Pack your dirty underwear and get out as soon as you can! Mucker!!

          1. LOGHEAD – you really must keep taking the meds.
            Violent crime rate in the UK – what this has to do with the topic under discussion is beyond me, just some more of your purile ramblings. Yes there is a high incidence of violent crime in the UK but then again you haven’t a clue as to what constitutes a “Violent Crime” in the UK and are therefore not fit to comment. Your original comment – I was mugged in Oz, it would never happen in the Sk – just shows how blinkered, illinformed or just plain stupid you are. The TV news has reports of violent crime EVERY night in Slowvakia and recent surveys would suggest that this is “just the tip of the iceberg” . With the majority of the Slovak population freely admitting that they do not report any crimes because of their lack of confidence in both the police to catch the culprits and the courts in delivering justice, the few doctored crime stats that are available in this country are dubious. We also have the issue of the age of criminal responsibility in the Sk. What is it 14 years old? non of these crimes ever appear on any stats because they are not investigated and no one is ever charged. So before making childish comparisons establish the facts.
            As for my relationship with my Slovak friends – I know Slovaks from every walk of life and the vast majority of them freely discuss the failings, as well as the successes of this country. I normally just sit back and listen, share my experiences when asked and only become vociferous when an issue has affected me personally and more often than not my friends empathise with my frustrations. We do discuss topics from the press and all of them know I post comments, under my REAL NAME, they read them and most agree with the general gist of what I comment. On the whole we talk about more pleasant issues and put our cares behind us, enjoy each others company and have a laugh and a joke.
            As for my “limited view of any country further east of Slovakia” – you are ignorant of which countries I have visited, worked and lived in and of my experiences whilst there, so yet again you are neither adequately informed or qualified to comment on my perceptions of other countries.
            Now it appears you taken your socks off and attempted a complicated mathematical calculation and, like most things you do, have failed miserably. However, if you are half my age it does explain much, such as your inability to formulate and present a reasoned arguement, your disregard or failure to comprehend freely available information, your pubescent fantasies ( didn’t know they made Policeman play suits in adult sizes), your continued posting of comments off topic and your juvenille habit of resorting to playground insults when you find yourself at the bottom of the hole you dug yourself.
            Now pick up teddy, go to the corner, give your head a bang and suck your thumb or the nasty English man will ask his friends in the Zhongguo tezhong budui to pay you a visit.

          2. Dear Grandpa Craphold,

            Thank you for not giving up on me. You already taught me so much. I’m afraid I will never be able to repay you for that.

            I still have one problem, call it a phenomenon if you want. I have spent good 26 years of my life in Slowvakia. Every summer I still go home and spend there 7-8 weeks. In my entire life I have never been mugged. None of my family members been mugged or their family members, none of my friends or their family members and I have never met anybody who has been mugged.
            I have lived 5 years in Bratislava /studied/, and Trnava. My hometown Skalica is a town of 16.000 people.

            It scares me. Is something terrible coming? Am I going to die suddenly in some terrifiying accident?

            Please help me Grandpa, help me to solve this mistery. I know you can explain it to me in a blink of an eye.

            Yours sincerely,


            PS: About your friends living in China – sure send them to me. The more grandpas the merrier.

  15. This seems like a big mess… Somebody has to clean this out!

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