Government can’t expect support of opposition for its Manifesto

The two opposition parties Slovak National Party (SNS) and Smer-SD have both spoken out that they will not support the Government Manifesto, which is due to be discussed in parliament starting tomorrow, 3 August.

Vice-chair of the SNS, Anna Belousovova said the SNS would definitely not support the Government Manifesto, which she referred to as a mere “formal 50 sheets of paper”, which is “about absolutely nothing”.

Former PM Robert Fico’s party Smer-SD also said it would not support the document. Chairman Robert Fico described the Manifesto as an untrustworthy document, saying it would set Slovakia off down a road of deregulation, privatisation, liberalisation and a weaker social state. He was extremely critical not only of the Manifesto itself, but also of the individual ruling coalition parties, which he said went back on their pre-election promises to voters.

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