Government Earmarks EUR 844k for Roma Projects

By way of the Cabinet Plenipotentiary for Roma Communities, the government will try to improve the situation of Roma in Slovakia thanks also to almost EUR 844,000 allocated for social and cultural projects. This is around EUR 60,000 less than last year and EUR 360,000 less than in 2009.


photo credit: A. Meiss

The money will be provided in the form of grants, with applications being accepted by the Cabinet Plenipotentiary office until 3 August. The funding will be allocated to projects that fulfill some cultural or social aspect of Roma life or increase the living standard of Roma communities.

One criterion for receiving a grant, is to demonstrate that at least 5% of the project is covered by co-financing. The projects can be on a wide range of subjects, from education, culture, setting up social or community centres or paying for building repairs or other enhancements.

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  1. Good to see Slovakia taking so seriously and with such huge sums of money, their obligations to the Roma community …………….

    With the cuts in government funding to all local mayors , in some cases by 100+% quite how these local people are meant to even raise their 5% share for a project, is beyond my comprehension !

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