Government gives green to Manifesto

The coalition parties met today to finalise the Manifesto and put a final stamp on it. This they did.

The document, which will act as the government’s roadmap for the next four years, now has to be put before Parliament for approval early in August. If passed by Parliament, it will be regarded as a vote of confidence for the new government.

The endorsement of the Manifesto without the demands of the SaS faction of Obycajni ludia could still lead to problems, however. (see article at:

One of the most important issues that the government wants to tackle is to create conditions for increasing the quality of life and living standard for people. To achieve this, it is necessary to renew economic growth and competitiveness, said Radicova.  “The most important indicator of whether or not the government is managing this, will be the generation of jobs” she said.

The government therefore plans to halt indebtedness, reduce the deficit in public finances, and remove obstacles to employment growth. It will also be crucial to support education, science and research, and to work hard on improving the enforceability of law and the fight against corruption.

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