Government Halves Benefits of Long-Term Unemployed

In another unpopular move the government has enacted a cut in child benefit for certain parents by half, aimed particularly at the long-term unemployed.

photo NRSR

The idea, according to main proponent of the law MP Ludovit Kanik, is intended to give preferential treatment to those who at least try to generate income for their families, while penalising those who have been out of work longest. The legislation makes a minimum requirement of 270 days worked over 4 years in any given family for entitlement to child benefits and other allowances.

The coalition hopes to make great savings of up to EUR 50 million a year with the scheme, but at what expense. The opposition bench slagged down the bills, which will now enter into effect in September.



  1. Rather drastic at first reading but the minimum 270 days over 4 years is something the British government could learn from, rather than paying housing benefit of 1500 pounds to an unemployed Somali busdriver because he didn’t want to live in an undesirable part of NW London. Of course housing benefit doesn’t exist in Slovakia.

  2. I suppose armed robbery or mugging does not count then ?

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