Government Hopes To Halt Price Hikes

The government will be exercising its social policy also by the reestablishment of a special Pricing Council in the next few weeks in an attempt to prevent unjust price hikes for citizens, especially when it comes to food basics.

The council should examine whether excessive price hikes are due to market influences or if they are just attempts by producers, sellers or distributors to cash in more than they should.

The council will be under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, but should include representatives of all those involved in the chain, with the hope also of finding ways to increase sales of Slovak products over imported ones.


  1. What next? – a five year plan, collectives, the school kids shipped off to help with the harvest. It has all the hallmarks of a job creation scheme for wasters, yet another administrative burden on the tax payer. Does Bobby not understand that food prices are driven by supply and demand. If producers can’t get the price they want in the SK they will sell their products elsewhere and no number of govt. quangos are going to change that.
    It might be more effective to actually produce more food basics. I never fail to be amazed by the lack of agricultural activity in this country. You can travel for miles and only see the odd field of crops or a small herd of animals.
    Repealing the law that prevents foreigners owning agricultural land would be a better move. Modern farming techniques and higher, more efficient production would reduce food prices, it may even help improve the SKs exports.

  2. Go go central planning doofuses! Can we get rationing reintroduced, too?

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