Government Office hits back at Fico’s attacks – we inherited the problems from you

Slovak Parliament

In a statement in retaliation to the harsh remarks of former PM Robert Fico about the new government’s Manifesto, the Government Office said the government had to deal with a myriad of problems that it had inherited from its predecessors.

“Slovakia has the second highest unemployment rate in the EU, municipalities are in total crisis, the economy is in the red, with rising debts, lawsuits involving PPP projects, faculty hospitals overladen in debt, unresolved corruption cases, the justice system in a catastrophic condition and public finances devastated. These and many more troubles are addressed in the Manifesto, and we stand ready to discuss any possible solutions” reads the statement.

Yesterday, 29 July, Fico got tore into every aspect of the Manifesto, saying it is proof on paper that Slovakia has been launched on a path of deregulation, privatisation, liberalisation, and weakening of the social state. He said the Manifesto was a betrayal of not just the voters of the coalition, but every voter in Slovakia, because before the elections the four ruling parties had based their pre-election campaigns on populist social policies, which were based on those of his party, Smer-SD.

This election term looks set to be not only a difficult one, but also an interesting one.

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