Government Outlines Motorway Construction To 2014

The government approved its plan of motorway construction for the next three years until 2014, with it hoping to complete around 130 km of motorways and kick-start another 287 km in the period.

Those are the figures set out by the Ministry of Transport that received the thumbs up from the government today. Transport minister Jan Figel admits that the plan is ambitious, but he is confident that it can be achieved.

The main priorities of the programme include completion of the D1 motorway, which spans the country from Bratislava to Ukraine, sections of the D3 motorway linking with the Czech Republic and Poland, and also the so-called zero ring-road around Bratislava, which should ease congestion within the capital.

The construction budget will be made up of EU funds, the state budget, credit, the issue of bonds and receipts from motorway stickers and toll fees.

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