Government Paves Way to Fill Attorney General Post

The government is moving forward with its plan to revise the Act on the Constitutional Court, allowing the Doctrine of Necessity, which will pave the way for new elections in parliament on the crucial post of Attorney General, which has lay vacant for over two years as President Ivan Gasparovic has refused to appoint the duly elected candidate Jozef Centes.

Slovak Parliament (c) Martin Domok -

The Constitutional Court recently became blocked from making a decision on the case as Centes and President Gasparovic mutually objected to the impartiality of all but one constitutional court judge.

The stand-alone government’s move is seen by the opposition parties in general as manipulation so that a new vote can eventually take place in parliament, where PM Robert Fico’s Smer-SD party enjoys a clear majority, meaning its candidate would in all probability occupy the post.

On TV channel STV, opposition MP for Most-Hid Gabor Gal spoke out against the government’s plan, saying it had essentially “raped the law to get Mr. Centes out of the way and elect its own attorney general”. Gal also noted how the fast-track proceedings had not been discussed with the opposition or in a regular parliamentary session as had been previously promised.

Gal reiterated the opposition consensus once more that President Gasparovic should simply appoint Jozef Centes to the post as he was “elected by parliament in a blind ballot”, which was acknowledged also by the Constitutional Court.


  1. The Doctrine of Necessity, was used by Pakistan , Nigeria and Grenada during coups and partitions. It is not suitable for a stable EU country.

    1. I guess you, as is Sarah Palin are supporter of the Bush Doctrine then Ricard ?

    2. Spot on Ric. If they get away with this now they will use the same excuse in the future for god knows what. Absolute disgrace!

  2. How so typical – BnM and Co don’t like the law so they opt to change it to suit their own needs. Enter another Nodding Dog crony to this important post, sweeping brush in hand to “disappear” any dodgy dealings.
    Downwards! ever downwards!

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