Government Plans War Against Mosquitoes

Interior minister Robert Kalinak said on TV at the weekend that the government would be taking swift action to combat the looming mosquito outbreak that is expected in the wake of the Danube flooding last week.

Kalinak said they expected an “epidemic” of mosquitoes and that the government would be looking at the problem on Wednesday this week. Speaking on the political discussion programme ‘O 5 dvanact’, the minister took the opportunity to praise the newly purchased flood barriers, which by their unique hollow design are capable of holding back the massive force of a swelling river and certainly saved Bratislava from major damage. Kalinak also said he would like to see other towns acquire the same equipment to deal with flooding from other large rivers in the country.


  1. You actually date check mosquito plug in refills ? Blimmy you have been here too long ?

    Dont worry, I am told soon you will have a yellow WWII prop plane ,buzzing and spraying your house ……………at 5.30am !

  2. It would help if the drugstore DM (at least their Jesenskeho and Polus branches) actually stocked Biolit anti-mosquito plug-in refills that were not out-of-date. I checked every one in Polus on Saturday and they were March 2012.

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